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Fantasy expert: Bronte Lizards have taken the lead

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The team Bronte lizards has taken the lead in the third round of Fantasy Experts which is being held on 70.99 points in the lead, they are in front of the so far (now second) leading Dragan Jovanović’s Warriors and Theo Lorantos’ Efialtis who jumped from eight place to 3rd.

After the last round we pointed out the importance of the goalkeeper position and it was the reason why the Warriors were in front of the Bronte Lizards. And so, in the third round Nagy remained sitting on the Hungarian bench, and Schenkel who brought 7.90 points to the leading team. Hungary and Germany had a standoff and played 4:4, the goalkeepers (for Hungary the GK was Soma) had a major score efficiency.

It turned out pretty well that I drafted 2 goalkeepers (Šćepanović) in my 10 man roster. All players know that they have my complete trust, and so they give it back with all their hearts in the pool. I expected that no injuries come to pass and that we have a good shoot at winning this.“ – says Elvis Fatović.

On the question on how pleased with his team performance, where he choose Aleksandar Ivović as his first pick in the draft, he said:

Even though my team didn’t have much time for detailed a team coordination play, so far I am very pleased with their efforts, but we will still strive for better anyway, that’s why I have this kind of team composition . Ivović has shown himself as one of the best players in the tournament, but that’s what you can expect from a champion like that. There were no tactics in the draft phase, since I never played something like this before, which has proven effective since we’re still doing good 3 rounds in. I never participated in something like this, but it’s great for promoting the sport. I discovered an undiscovered talent within me, at least, judging by the results so far. It was a great pleasure to accept your call, and an even bigger pleasure when I saw my potential rivals, the coaches.

The name Bronte Lizards comes from a senior group of people (pensioners) from the Bronte beach, which is close to my home, in Sydney where they orbited their workplace (the beach) everyday, through the whole year, sunburnt, so we called them due to their bronze tan the Bronte Lizards. We’re already in the talks to create a club, we already know the club president, director, players,…we’re just waiting for our benevolent sponsor .

During the fantasy play through our common chat channels, often are taunts between our experts, and even some internal bets were made. In trash talking one of the leading figures is Vjekoslav Kobešćak, so it is no wonder Fatović commented:

I definitely got an impression that most of tourney participants want to beat “Only fools and Horses”, because they know their loss and their last place would make it so their coach pays for dinner, which is currently not a real possibility.

Fatović attained more than a 5 point lead in front of Jovanović who had an average round of 16.98 points. The biggest point score brought in Xavi Garcia who scored 4 goals and had 4 assists with a total of 7.92 points, which is the second best score in the third round – the best is Vogel Soma with 8.00 points. Xavi is the best in total with 18.92 points in the group phase of the tourney.
In 3rd place, Theo Lorantos broke through, the coach of the U19 Greek national team, who just won their preamble tournament in Varaždin, Croatia. 4 victories later and they got first place in front of Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro and Croatia. In Fantasy, Efialtis is only 1.50 points behind the Warriors. Theo would be ahead if he got Pascal Janssen from the bench who had 4.67 points more than Manhercz whose Hungary scored only 4 goals, so he couldn’t had have collected many points anyway.

It is my honor to be invited and to be a part of a greater company of so many good coaches. I definitely haven’t changed my mind because I find it interesting so far. I tried to find players with strong motives that would satisfy me. Efialtis in mythology and ancient Greece, was the one whom everybody was afraid of.“

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