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The 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft was held on July 14, 2018. Nine water polo experts took turns selecting players from 33th European Championship which will start at Monday in Barcelona, Spain.

The Draft is the most important day of every fantasy owners. Its not easy to predict which player will dominate in following competition, there are so many affects outcome of every draft. Fantasy leagues of nine owners create star-heavy lineups that produce big points.

Randomly selected, the first pick got coach of the Australian national team Elvis Fatovic. The draft had ten rounds and every fantasy team need to pick ten players, seven first team players and three substitutes. In a first team every fantasy owner needs to complete lineup: one goalkeeper, one centre back, one centre forward, two left side drivers and two right side drivers.

For a first pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Elvis Fatovic (for his team Bronte lizards) choose Aleksandar Ivovic, centre back of Montenegro team. A star player from Pro Recco, Italian championship and runner up in European Champions League 2018. Elvis said: ‘He is not so bad as many people think!‘.

For a second pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Slobodan Nikic (for his team Jellyfishes) choose Filip Filipovic, right side driver of Serbia team. Filipovic is also a star player from Pro Recco, Slobodan Nikić plays as centre forward for Hungarian champion Ferencvaros and he said: ‘He is also not bad at all!‘.

For a third pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Uros Stevanovic (for his team Sonas) choose Marko Bijac, goalkeeper of Croatia team. The World best goalkeeper Bijac played for Jug, Dubrovnik but from next season he is also part of star-heavy Italian team Pro Recco. Uros Stevanovic is a national Serbian U18 coach and he said he picks Marko beacuse: ‘He finally left Jug and Vjeko!‘.

For a fourth pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Vjekoslav Kobescak (for his team Only Fools and Horses) choose Josip Vrlic, centre forward of Croatia team. Vrlic plays for Spain champion, Barceloneta. He was part of Jug when they (Kobescak and Vrlic) won European Champions League 2016. Vjekoslav Kobescak is coach of Jug Dubrovnik and he said: ‘I like the way he looks…‘ ☺.

For a fifth pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Dragan Jovanovic (for his team Wizards) choose Dusan Mandic, right side driver of Serbia team. He is fourt Pro Recco player selected in first draft round. Dragan Jovanovic is executive director of WWPCA (World Water Polo Coaches Association), he won first Fantasy Expert last year and he decided to stay on winning tactic. Last year his first pick was also Mandic.

For a sixth pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Balasz Vincze (for his team Swindlers) choose Steven Camilleri (not Jordan as suggested ), left side driver of Malta team. This is a huge surprise, definitely the biggest surprise of this draft. Balasz Vincze, executive director of Hungarian team Szombathely, expects Steven will explode on the European competition, and he said: ‘Steve has great confidence!‘.

For a seventh pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Iosep Andrei (for his team Sharks) choose Alberto Munarriz, left side driver of Spain team. Alberto is a big star of Barceloneta, Spain and he is one of the favorites for MVP title in next championship. Iosep Andrei is a coach of Rumania champion, Steaua. He said for Alberto: ‘He is a great cooker!‘.

For a eight pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Theo Loranthos (for his team Efialtis) choose Felipe Perrone, left side driver of Spain team. Felipe is one of the best players in the World for a long time. He also plays for Barceloneta, Spain. Theo Loranthos was coach of Greece U20 national team which won World championship last year, he said: ‘I’m his manager!‘.

For a ninth pick in 2018 Fantasy Expert Draft Jure Marelja (for his team Otpisani) choose Kostas Mourikis, centre forward of Greece team. This is the second player which will not play for Pro Recco or Barceloneta in the next season. Pro Recco wants him badly, but he decided to play for Olympiakos. Jure Marelja starts his career as coach with Croatian club Solaris as assistant coach.

Let’s see the first team players of all teams:

Bronte lizards (Elvis Fatovic): Scepanovic, Ivovic, D.Pijetlovic, Di Fulvio, Vukicevic, A.Radovic, Nagaev.

Jellyfishes (Slobodan Nikic): B.Mitrovic, Randjelovic, Lisunov, Fountoulis, Molina, Filipovic, Echenique.

Solas (Uros Stevanovic): Bijac, Jelaca, Tahull, Prlainovic, Janovic, Zalanki, Jokovic.

Only Fools and Horses (Vjekoslav Kobescak): Lazovic, Merkulov, Vrlic, Granados, Dino, Genidounias, Tsrepulja.

Warriros (Dragan Jovanovic): Nagy, Buslje, Kolomvos, Batori, Gounas, Mandic, Garcia.

Swindlers (Balasz Vincze): Flegkas, Aleksic, Loncar, Camilleri, Erdelyi, Vlachopoulos, Brguljan.

Sharks (Iosep Andrei): Tic, Real, Radu, Munarriz, S.Mitrovic, Ramos, Mallarach.

Efialtis (Theo Loranthos): Lopez-Pinedo, Jaksic, Bodegas, Perrone, Manhertz, Figlioli, Crousillat.

Otpisani (Jure Marelja): Del Lungo, Minguell, Mourikis, Fatovic, Cuk, D.Radovic, Shelepev.

When we take into account all selected players, with substitutes too, fantasy experts selected eleven players from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Hungary is represented by ten players, Italy by nine, Greece and Russia by eight players. Seven Spain players were selected in this draft. Turkey is the only national team where players are not selected, every other team has at least one player selected.

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