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Euro Cup begins – Ferencvaros wants to defend the title

It’s time to start the season in the continental second-tier club competition – Euro Cup. In the changed system, the two first-round qualifying tournaments will be held in Miskolc (Hungary) and Busto Arsizio (Italy).

The defending champion and the main contender for another title, Ferencvaros from Hungary will play in Group B in Italy.

During the summer Hungarian water polo giant strengthened its squad by bringing some of the top Serbian players like Slobodan Nikic and Nikola Jaksic. Together with the guys who stayed from the last season, Fradi squad should be able to compete on the highest level both domestically and in Europe.

Their main rival at this tournament will be the host, BPM Sport Management, a team which last season was a stopper in the semifinal of Euro Cup. BPM kept the majority of the team from the previous season and also brought Radomir Drasovic from Partizan Belgrade.

Also, they also have Valentino Gallo, Croat Antonio Petkovic and quality players such are Baraldi and Figlioli.

One of the main contenders in Group is supposed to be Croatian team Jadran from Split. Their squad includes such players as new world champion Andjelo Setka and Australian Nathan Power.

In the group of the teams that could make some surprises and will be contenders for the fourth qualifying spot in this group are Potsdam from Germany, Montpellier and Paix D’Aix (France).

Last season Montpellier and Potsdam were eliminated in the first qualifying round, while Paix D’Aix went on to the second round but they lost, among others, against Ferencvaros – 16:10.

Also, in this group, we have Amersfoort from Netherlands, but it would be a sensation if they manage to scrape something more than honorable fight.


Group A qualifying tournament will be played in the Hungarian city of Miskolc. And the host team is also considered to be the main favorite for the first place.

Montenegrin water polo club Primorac from Kotor is also considered to be one main candidate for the good result. Primorac changed the squad dramatically during the summer break – 11 players left, and 7 arrived.

Unlike Miskolci who already started the season in the national cup, Primorac will play a first competitive match of the season in the coming days.

It is obvious that we will have a big fight for the remaining two qualifying spots in Group A. Spanish Mataro seems to be a team that should succeed at this tournament, but German team Hannover and Russian Shturm could make some problems. Last, but not the least important team is Kosice from Slovakia.

The best four teams from both groups will qualify for the next stage of the competition.

Group A (Miskolc)

Thursday, September 28

White Sharks Hannover – Hornets Kosice
Primorac – Mataro
Miskolc – Shturm


Friday, September 29

Hornets Kosice – Primorac
Shturm – White Sharks Hannover
Mataro – Miskolc


Saturday, September 30

Miskolc – White Sharks Hannover
Shturm – Primorac
Hornets Kosice – Mataro
Hornets Kosice – Shturm
Primorac – Miskolc
White Sharks Hannover – Mataro


Sunday, October 1

Mataro – Shturm
White Sharks Hannover – Primorac
Miskolc – Hornets Kosice


Group B (Busto Arsizio)

Round 1

Wednesday, September 27

Montpellier – Pays d’aix
Potsdam – Jadran Split
Amersfoort – BPM Sport Management


Round 2

Thursday, September 28

Jadran Split – Montpellier
Ferencvaros – Amersfoort
Pays d’aix – BPM Sport Management
Montpellier – Ferencvaros
Potsdam – Pays d’aix
BPM Sport Management – Jadran Split


Round 3

Friday, September 29

Pays d’aix – Amersfoort
Jadran Split – Ferencvaros
BPM Sport Management – Potsdam

Round 4

Saturday, September 30

Pays d’aix – Jadran Split
Amersfoort – Montpellier
Potsdam – Ferencvaros
Jadran Splir – Amersfoort
Montpellier – Potsdam
Ferencvaros – BPM Sport Management

Round 5

Sunday, October 1

Potsdam – Amersfoort
Pays d’aix – Ferencvaros
BPM Sport Management – Montpellier

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