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Elvis Fatović won Fantasy Expert

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The winner of 2nd fantasy for experts at is Elvis Fatović with his team Bronte Lizards with 141,60 points in total. At 2nd place we have Theo Lorantos with his team Efialtis, while the bronze goes to Uroš Stevanović and his team Sonas.

Elvis had the 1st pick at draw and he chose Montenegrian centre back Aleksandar Ivović who finished as 2nd most valuable player. In top 5, we as well have Ivan Nagaev, left handed playmaker of the Russian team who Elvis chose in the 5th round. 12th most valuable player Ante Vukičević was chosen in the 7th round. Great deal at the draft was the German goalkeeper Schenkel who Elvis chose in the 9th round (he got benched the 1st fixture due to Šćepanović) and in total he finished as 13th most valuable player.

Total of 141,60 points, which is more than 20 per round and at the end win with 11 points in front of Theo Lorantos’s team Efialtis who got 130,46. His 1st pick was Spain’s team leader, Felipe Perrone who almost won the European Championship and at the end finished as 14th most valuable player. 2nd pick was goalkeeper Lopez who won the award for the best keeper of the tournament. As per fantasy points, he is 8th most valuable player, 2nd as goalkeeper just after Del Lungo. 3rd pick was Italy’s only center forward Bodegas who was 3rd most valuable center forward of the tournament per points.

Third place (8 points behind) won Uroš Stevanović who won 2nd place last year. In total he won 122,69 points and almost all the player he chose won equal amount of points. Maro Joković won 19,07, Gergo Zalanki won 19,01, Serbian playmaker Andrija Prlainović got him 18,27, the most effective centre forward Roger Tahulla got 13,78 (He was 7th round pick).

About the competition in this years’ fantasy we spoken with last years’ winner Dragan Jovanović:

„Competition is at the higer level and that is good. It is always good to be part of nice way to promote the sport that we all love, follow the games and, in the mean time, to have some fun with collegues and friends that I know for decades.“

In fantasy chat we have a lot of teasing which gives this additional charm to this competition. Who is your biggest opponent in that manner?

„That is the best part of this competition for me and one of the reason for me to come back and play. Obviously, Vjeko and Elvis, we know each other for 35 years, played together, played against each other, coached against each other. There is a bit of a history in our rivalty and it raises the level of competition and fun for another step.“

This year his Warriors did not defend the title, as they finished 4th. At the draft he started with the same key players, Mandić and Nagy who this time did not got him that amount of points as last year on the World Cup in Budapest. Maybe the reason for this years’ position got something with distractions during the time of the draw?

„Hahahhaha yes, there were some distructions during the draw but that is all part of the game. I should have stayed focused and pick better . Draw is interesting, there is no guarantee how one player with perform during the competition and it’s all guessing game. On top of that, if one choses players from the top teams, they may not be „interested“ to play „weaker“ games, they also have a break in the 4th round since they have a bye. On the other hand, players from lower ranked teams, even if they are good players, will not play last 2 rounds and automatically will not be able to have any points. It seems like the best option would be to chose the players from 5-8 place teams since they have the most games and the most oportunities for good score. Distructions are part of the game and Vjeko and Elvis are using their tactics constantly to distruct all of us .

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