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It’s real water polo drama: Eger still leading the pack, Szolnoki continues to chase

Hungary water polo championship
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The water polo race in Hungary is really heating up and one thing is for sure – it looks like it’s going to have a scenario that famous horror director Alfred Hitchcock would definitely be proud of. And two main “characters” in this story are Eger and Szolnok. None of this two great teams seem to be willing to step down in this championship race. Both teams won in the third round of championship stage and Eger remained one point clear of Szolnok.

Today, Eger had a tougher task, because it played against Szeged away. And from time to time, Szeged knows how to be a very unpleasant opponent to Eger. This we could see again today at Szegedi Sportuszoda. Szeged started well, Pellei and Krisztian Manhercz gave the lead to the home team at the early stage of the game. But visitors answered very quickly with goals from Uros Cuckovic and Balazs Harai. And when Norbert Hosnyánszky and Milos Cuk started hitting the net the Eger machine looked all fired up. Before the end of the half-time, Eger was leading 10-5.

In the third period, Eger demonstrated a nice water polo routine, but in the last quarter Szeged went on to a total offensive and five minutes before the end, the hosts were trailing just by one goal. But, then Hosnyanszky and Boris Vapenski showed some class and secured a win for the leaders.

Unlike Eger, Szolnoki had an easy job, also away. They played against Miskolci and won 17-6. Marton Vamos, Andrija Prlainovic, and Denes Varga were all very motivated and in a good mood for some quality water polo. This was a 13th win in a row for Szolnoki in all competitions. And this team really looks like a machine, which they also demonstrated in today’s game. Szolnoki had an 8-0 lead after just 11 minutes of the game. Miskolci never ever seemed to be in close to compete with this visiting team. Only two players of the home team managed to find the net – Alex Boven and Sasa Misic.

OSC had a very tough time in Budapest, but in the end won against city rival BVSC – 9:8. It was an open game with a dramatical finish. The visitors managed to come close to a goal deficit after Czigany found the net a minute before the last whistle. But OSC somehow kept the possession in the last minute to defend this win which leaves them comfortable at the place number three in the standings. BVSC started well today and had a one-goal lead in the first quarter. But this was Gergo Zalanki day as he scored a hat-trick which helped his team to regain the lead.

Ferencvaros continued the battle for spot number three with OSC and on Saturday, Fradi won at home against big city rival, Vasas 13-8. It was a first win for Ferencvaros after a draw and a loss in last two championship games. For Vasas it was a fourth straight defeat in this competition. The home team controlled this game from the start with Norbert Madaras leading the way for Ferencvaros with three goals. However, just before the end of the third quarter, Vasas looked to be coming back and Arpad Babay’s goal meant they were just one step behind (6-5). Nevertheless, Balazs Sziranyi scored twice and Marko Avramovic once to put Fradi back on the winning track.

In the relegation part of the table, things are, more or less, clear already. Honved continued to lead in the standings after a win at Metalcom Szentes 14-8. It was a third consecutive win for one of the most famous Hungarian water polo clubs, while Szentesi lost the sixth time in a row. Tamas Gyarfas was really fired up for this game and he scored five goals for Honved. The only time Szentesi had a lead was in the second minute when Viktor Voros scored the first goal in this match.

PVSK continued to fight with Honved for spot number nine and today this team won against another Budapest team, UVSE, 9-5. PVSK played furiously in the second and fourth quarter, which was more than enough for a third win in last four matches. Marcell Koloszi was the best scorer of the game with three goals.

Tatabanya won at their swimming pool against Debreceni 11-10 and now still has some chance in a fight for a spot number 12 in the standings. It was a real water polo drama, because four minutes before the end, Debreceni was leading 10-8. And then, first Botond Szabo scored a ninth goal for Tatabanya, Daniel Francsics equalized two minutes from time and the same player scored the winning goal a second before the last whistle. Kaposvari won 12-8 in their pool against the worst team in the league, KSI. This was a third consecutive win for Kaposvari and Zsolt Varga was the home team best scorer with three goals.


Round 3
Saturday, March 4:

Szeged – Eger 13-16 (3-3, 2-7, 5-4, 3-2)
Szeged: Vukicevic 4, Pellei 3, K. Manhercz 2, A. Manhercz 2, Santa, Nagy
Eger: Harai 3, Hosnyanszky 3, Erdelyi 2, Angyal 2, Vapenski 2, Cuckovic 2, Bedo, Cuk

Ferencvarosi – Vasas 13-8 (3-1, 2-1, 2-3, 6-3)
Ferencvarosi: Madaras 3, Jansik 2, Mitrovic 2, Sziranyi 2, Nyeki, Benedek, Toth, Avramovic
Vasas: Babay 2, Marnitz 2, Bencz, Bobis, Burian, Njegovan

Miskolci – Szolnoki 6-17 (0-5, 2-4, 2-3, 2-5)
Miskolci: Boven 4, Misic 2
Szolnoki: Vamos 4, Varga 4, Prlainovic 4, Mezei 2, Szatmari, Aleksic 1, Crousillat

OSC Budapest – BVSC Zuglo 9-8 (2-3, 2-1, 3-2, 2-2)
OSC Budapest: Zalanki 3, Salamon 2, Bundschuh, Nagy, Nagy Gor, Brguljan
BVSC Zuglo: Csapo, Kovacs, Ambrus, Matyok, Czigany, Torok, Letay

1. Eger 17 games – 49 points
2. Szolnok 17 – 48
3. OSC 17 – 41
4. FTC 17 – 37
5. Miskolc 17 – 30
6. Szeged 17 – 27
7. BVSC 17 – 23
8. Vasas 17 – 22

Round 3

Saturday, March 4:

Tatabanya – Debreceni 11-10 (1-2, 4-4, 3-2, 3-2)
Tatabanya: Hoppal 3, Szabo 3, Francsics 2, Kolarik 2, Salamon
Debreceni: Kallay, Suveges, Kunczm, Szoke, Somlai, Durik, Busilacchi

Kaposvari – KSI SE 12-8 (4-0, 2-2, 4-6, 2-0)
Kaposvari: Varga 3, Berta 2, Vindisch, Santavy, Juhasz-Szelei, Hegedus, Toth, Kovacs, Polovic
KSI SE: Zerinvary 3, Toth 2, Berki, Baj, Kosa,

Szentesi – Honved 8-14 (3-5, 1-4, 2-2, 2-3)
Szentesi: Vishnyakov 3, Voros 2, Werner, Kiss, Toth
Honved: Gyarfas 5, Szivos 3, Irmes 2, Yusuke 2, Kiss, Kalanovics

UVSE – PVSK 5-9 (2-1, 0-3, 2-1, 1-4)
UVSE: David 2, Selley, Markus, Baksa
PVSK: Kolozsi 3, Csaba 2, Csacsovszky, Macsi, Horvath, Gogov

9. Honved 17 games – 29 points
10. PVSK 17 -26
11. Kaposvar 17 – 18
12. Debrecen 17 – 16
13. Tatabanya 17 – 11
14. UVSE 17 – 10
15. Szentes 17 – 7
16. KSI 17 – 0

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