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Eger reaches the finals and Szolnoki needs one more win!

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Eger water polo club reached a place in the finals of Hungarian championship after a 10:7 win against visiting Ferencvarosi. In the other semifinal of the playoffs, Szolnoki managed to beat visiting OSC – 13:10 and now needs one more victory to join Eger in the clash for the championship trophy.

Ferencvarosi had a better start of the game in Eger. They had a lead in the first quarter thanks to Norbert Madaras. But as time passed by in the second period, Eger overturned the result with Cuk, Decker, and Kovacs finding the net.

At the start od the third quarter, after another Decker nice move, Eger took a two goals lead (5:3) for the first time in the match. From that point on the home team controlled the game. Four minutes before the end Marton Toth gave some hope to Fradi who came to a two-goal deficit, but Balazs Harai and Kristian Bedo answered the same way and celebrations of home fans could begin.
Eger can now rest for a bit and wait for the opponent in the big final. And as it seems now, it’s going to be Szolnoki. And Szolnoki tonight survived a big challenge from the visiting OSC.

During most of the first half, OSC had the lead. At one moment, after Gergo Zalanki scored it was 3:1. But Szolnoki managed to stay on track and didn’t loose calmness. Andrija Prlainovic kept the home team close to OSC, but only at the beginning of the second half, Szolnoki started to play a good defense.

Marton Vamos scored for 8:7 and it was only the second time in the match Szolnoki took the lead. But, OSC also didn’t want to surrender easily. At the beginning of the last quarter, Zalanki scored another one and visitors were trailing 10-9. But, then mighty Serb duo decided that it was enough drama for one night. Prlainovic scored two more goals, Zivko Gocic added one for the comfortable ending of the game.

These rivals will play again on Wednesday, but this time at OSC swimming pool.

Mickolci water polo club beat visiting Vasas 12-8 in a duel for the fifth place. After a big fight in the first half, which saw a very good offensive play on both sides, Miskolci managed to turn a gear up in the third and fourth period. The home team was lucky to have Viktor Vadovics who was the best scorer of the game with five goals.


Debrecen won in Budapest against Honved 12:11 in a spectacular water polo game in the play-out fight for position number 9. It will definitely be remembered as one of the most thrilling encounters in Hungarian championship this season.

Honved played really well in the first half and everything seemed in order for the home fans. Their team was easily finding the net mostly thanks to Marton Szivos and by the end of the first half, Honved was leading 8-3. At that point probably no one but Debrecen players believed this could go their way.

But suddenly it al changed at the beginning of the third period. It looked like rivals swapped places. Debrecen started to play hard defense, and offensively they were a machine. In just two minutes the guests scored four goals, three of them came from Gergo Fekete. By the end of the third period, Debrecen managed to equalize thanks to a goal from Balazs Dienes.

The visiting team continued to dominate at the start of the last period, Peter Toth scored two more goals to give Debrecen a 12-10 lead. And then in final three minutes of the game visiting defense did all the job and made this win happen for Debrecen.

In the other match for places between 9 and 12, Kaposvari won at PVSK 11:7. Zsolt Varga was absolutely a hero of this game because he scored six goals for the visiting team. Last two of them turned out to be crucial and Kaposvari took an 11-7 lead and never let it go.

UVSE beat KSI at home swimming pool – 10:7 mostly thanks to a very good performance in the first half. The home team started hard, took a 3-0 lead after eight minutes and Zoltan Toth showed it’s going to be his day. He finished the game with four goals. It seemed that all is over at the beginning of the third quarter when Robert Kovacs gave UVSE a 7:2 lead, but KSI came back with two quick goals. Then Toth decided to step in again and with two more goals in the last period, defended this win for UVSE.

Tatabanya water polo club won at home against Szentesi 13:11 but only after penalties. Szentesi had to save themselves in the finish of regular time and Victor Vishnyakov scored a goal to equalize (10:10) only 26 seconds before the end. Krisztof Kiss and Richard Werner didn’t convert their five-meter shots.

Saturday, April 15

Szolnoki – OSC 13-10 (2-3, 4-3, 3-2, 4-2)
Szolnoki: Prlainovic 4, Varga 3, Vamos 2, Aleksic 2, Mezei, Gocic
OSC: Zalanki 3, Salamon 3, Kovacs 2, Batori, Nemet

Eger – Ferencvarosi 10-7 (1-2, 3-1, 3-2, 3-2)
Eger: Decker 2, Harai 2, Cuk 2, Erdelyi, Bedo, Angyal, Kovacs
Ferencvarosi: Nyeki 2, Mitrovic 2, Jansik, Toth, Madaras

5th – 8th places
Saturday, April 15

Miskolci – Vasas 12-8 (3-3, 3-2, 5-3, 1-0)
Miskolci: Vadovics 5, Halek 3, Boven 3, Hornyak
Vasas: Marnitz 2, Bobis 2, Babay, Steinemetz, Simon, Njegovan

9th – 12th places
Friday, April 14

Honved – Debrecen 11-12 (4-2, 4-1, 1-6, 2-3)
Honved: Szivos 3, Gyarfas 2, Borsos, Kiss, Kalanovics, Irmes, Fejos, Shimizu
Debrecen: Toth 4, Kallay 3, Fekete 3, Szoke, Dienes

Saturday, April 15

PVSK – Kaposvari 7-11 (2-4, 3-4, 2-0, 0-3)
PVSK: Csacsovszky 2, Kolozsi, Kriszan, Lajko, Opacak, Gogov
Kaposvari: Varga 6, Vindisch 2, Juhasz-Szelei, Berta

Play out
Saturday, April 15

UVSE -KSI 10-7 (3-0, 3-2, 1-3, 3-2)
UVSE: Toth 4, Korenyi 2, Selley, Kereszturi, Markus, Kovacs
KSI: Toth, Berki, Levai, Kosa, Zerinvary, Teleki, Schmolcz

Tatabanya – Szentesi 13-11 (2-2, 3-4, 3-1, 2-3, 3-1)
Tatabanya: Szabo 3, Kolarik 3, Hoppal 2, Kiss 2, Mathe, Francsics, Salamon
Szentesi: Werner 3, Szalai 2, Vishnyakov 2, Somogyi, Pellei, Kokai

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