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Double crown for USA at Inter-Continental Cup

FINA Inter-continental cup,medal winners at female tournament Photo: Water Polo Australia/Facebook

The national teams of the USA won two gold medals at the FINA Inter-Continental Cup, which was ended in Auckland (New Zealand) today. The tournament was intercontinental qualifications for the World League Super Final.

In the men’s final the USA beat Australia (9:6). The final game for ladies also saw an encounter between USA and Australia. The Americans won 10:7.

USA, Australia, Japan and Kazakhstan qualified for the FINA Water Polo World League Super Final for men. USA, Australia, Canada and China will be the non-European quartet at the WPWL Final Eight for women. Hosts of the Super Final tournaments hasn’t been confirmed yet.


USA, Australia, Japan Photo: Australia Water Polo/Facebook (click to enlarge)

In men’s final, the USA quickly earned a 2:0 lead, but Australia levelled soon. Before the first break, the Americans went ahead again (3:2). The second and the third period were pretty balanced.In the finish of the third quarter, the USA earned a two-goal lead once more (7:5) and controlled the match until the end (9:6).

Japan defeated Kazakhstan in the match for the bronze medal. Led by Seiya Adachi, the top scorer of the 2017 World Championships, who netted 5 goals today, the Japanese rushed to a 7:2 lead by halftime. Kazakhstan couldn’t come back in the second half of the game. Japan maintained the margin for a 12:7 win.

Japan is the only team among Top 4 sides which hasn’t a head coach who has come from ex-Yugoslavia. A successful former head coach of Serbia Dejan Udovicic has led the USA team since 2013. Elvis Fatovic (Croatia) is a coach of Australia, while Nemanja Knezevic (Serbia) has been coaching Kazakhstan for a long time. Japanese Yoji Omoto is a head trainer of his country’s national team.

Another Balkanian, an experienced Petar Porobic (Montenegro), debuted as a head coach of China in the FINA World League


Australia 6:9 USA
(2:3, 1:1, 2:3, 1:2)

Australia: Kayes 2, Power, Roach, Younger, Brooks.
USA: Irving 3, Vavic 2, Bowen 2, Hooper, Daube.

For bronze

Kazakhstan 7:12 Japan
(1:4, 1:3, 2:3, 3:2)

Kazakhstan: Ruday 3, Manafov 2, Shmider, Aubakirov.
Japan: Adachi 5, Inaba 3, Shiga 2, Koppu, Takata, Okawa

For 5th place

Canada 12:6 New Zealand
(1:1, 4:0, 2:2, 5:3)

For 7th place

Argentina 6:5 China
(1:1, 0:2, 0:1, 5:1)

For 9th place

Saudi Arabia 11:10 New Zealand (2)
(4:2, 2:3, 2:2, 3:3)


1. USA
2. Australia
3. Japan
4. Kazakhstan
5. Canada
6. New Zealand
7. Argentina
8. China
9. Saudi Arabia

Team New Zealand 2 competed in the tournament, but its ranking didn’t count for qualification for the FINA Water Polo World League Super Final 2018.


At halftime of the women’s final, it seemed that Australia would defeat the USA for the second time in Auckland (after a win on Day 1 of group phase). The Aussie Stingers were 5:3 up after the second period. The USA team took a flying start in the third quarter. It scored four goals in a row and jumped to 7:5 lead. Before the last period, Australia reduced the gap to one (7:6)The USA ruled the field in the fourth quarter to record a 10:7 victory.

Canada took the 3rd place, by beating China. The Asians opened the match with a 5:3 first quarter. Canada produced a 5:1 rush for an 8:6 advantage before the last quarter. China played better in the last eight minutes, but Canada achieved a 9:8 win.


Australia 7:10 USA
(3:2, 2:1, 1:4, 1:3)

Australia: Bishop 4, Armit, Buckling, Knox.
USA: Haralabidis 3, Gilchirst 3, Seidemann 2, Neushul.

For bronze

China 8:9 Canada
(5:3, 0:2, 1:3, 2:1)

China: Y. Zhai 2, J. Zhang 2, N. Wang, N. Guo, S. Nong, D. Zhang.
Canada: Alogbo 3, McKee 2, Fournier 2, Crevier, Tielman.

For 5th place

Kazakhstan 9:11 Japan
(2:1, 3:4, 3:2, 1:4)

For 7th place

New Zealand 12:1 New Zealand (2)
(3:1, 3:0, 1:0, 5:0)


1. USA
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. China
5. Japan
6. Kazakhstan
7. New Zealand

Team New Zealand 2 competed in the tournament, but its ranking didn’t count for qualification for the FINA Water Polo World League Super Final 2018.

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