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DONK misses out in Euro League ‘death group’

One of the major victims of the women’s water polo Euro League qualification round this weekend was Dutch contender Widex GZC DONK who didn’t survive a death group that saw fellow Dutch side ZVL and eventually RN Bogliasco as third seed advance. In a thriller, the Italians edged GZC DONK 11-12 following a rollercoaster final period. Russian favourite Khanty-Mansiysk won the group to confirm the only Russian success.

Italy, however, enjoyed a bit more success as all three teams reached the next stage with Padova winning group D at home. Two contenders from the Netherlands, UZSC Utrecht and ZVL Leiden, clinched spots in the prelims.

The first three seeded teams from each group qualified for the prelims, where they will join CN Sabadell (ESP), UVSE Budapest (HUN), Kinef Kirishi (RUS) and Olympiakos Piraeus (GRE).
The next round will be played on 13-15 January 2016 in four groups of four, the first two teams of the respective groups will make the quarterfinals.

Women’s Euro League, Qualification Round – rankings

Group A (Dunaujvaros)
1. Dunaujvaros (HUN) 9, 2. BVSC-Zuglo (HUN) 6, 3. Messina (ITA) 3, 4. Heidelberg (GER) 0

Group B (Utrecht)
1. Sant Andreu (ESP) 10, 2. Utrecht (NED) 9, 3. Vouliagmeni (GRE) 7, 4. Rethymno (GRE) 3, 5. Uerdingen (GER) 0

Group C (Porto)
1. Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS) 9, 2. Leiden (NED) 9, 3. Bogliasco (ITA) 6, 4. Donk (NED) 6, 5. Portuense (POR) 0

Group D (Padova)
1. Padova (ITA), 2. Mataro (ESP) 6, 3. Lille (FRA) 3, 4. Otter (GBR) 0

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