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Divine water polo – Fradi’s great escape to victory

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Ferencvaros and Eger played probably the most exciting game so far this season in the Hungarian championship. After a real drama in Budapest, Fradi won at home 10:9 and stayed at the top of the standings alongside the defending champion Szolnok.

Ferencvaros entered the derby game without Norbert Madaras who was suspended and Toni Német who is still recovering from a broken finger.

Despite that Fradi scored a goal in the first attack of the match thanks to Marton Vamos.

Eger quickly answered with goals from Angelos Vlachopoulos and Strahinja Rasovic. Szilárd Jansik halved the deficit to 3:2 with a goal in the last second of the first quarter.

The rivals continued a great battle in the second period. Barnabás Biros scored the fourth goal for Eger, but then Dániel Varga and Nikola Jaksic equalized before the end of the first half.

Then, it was Eger’s time to shine in the third quarter. Norbert Hosnyánszky found the net twice, while Rasovic added one more for the visiting water polo team. Vámos equalized (7:7) at the start of the final quarter.

By the middle of that period thanks to goals from Gergo Kovacs and Hosnyanszky, Eger gained a 9:7 lead and it seemed that they are to close the game for good. But, as they say – it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

So, Fradi went all out attack. Manhercz starter, Nikic continued and, 84 seconds before the end of the game, Jaksic finished what turned out to be a heroic comeback of a top water polo team.

Szolnok also played in Budapest and easily won against OSC – 15:8. The home team played without injured center Nemanja Ubovic and coach Laszlo Toth.

Róbert Kovács took his place on the bench for this match, as Toth was the part of the coaching staff of the Hungary women national team at the Europa Cup Super Final.

European champion Szolnok went ahead early on when Andrija Prlainovic broke the deadlock in the fourth minute and Milan Aleksic followed his footsteps. Drasko Brguljan answered, but Tamás Mezei brought back Szolnok’s two-goal lead.

In the second quarter, minute by minute, the visiting water polo team started to break the rival. Prlainovic scored his second goal, Gergő Zalánki continued and Szolnok was firmly in the lead – 7:2.

OSC tried to bounce back in the third quarter in which they won 4:2, but Szolnok showed the class in the last period of the game to secure a comfortable 15-8 win.

One more match was played in Budapest in the Round 6 of the Winners stage of the championship and BVSC won against city rival Honved – 10:7. Mátyás Pásztor was the man of the match after he scored a hattrick.

But the top performer of this round is America water polo player Alex Bowen who scored six times in Miskolc’s 15-10 triumph over Debrecen. Miskolc stayed in fifth in the standings, one point ahead of BVSC.

Round 6

Winners stage

OSC 8:15 Szolnoki
(1:3, 1:4, 4:2, 2:6)

OSC: Erdélyi 2, Salamon 2, Bundscuh, Kovács, Juhász, Brguljan
Szolnoki: Zalánki 4, Aleksic 3, Prlainovic 2, Gocic 2, Bátori, Mezei, Younger, Cuk

Miskolci 15:10 Debrecen
(3:2, 4:3, 4:3, 4:2)

Miskolci: Bowen 6, Misic 3, Vadovics 2, Milicic 2, Berta, Nagy
Debrecen: Süveges 2, Gyurik 2, Macsi, Szőke, Fejős, Kállay, Obradovic, Vidovic

Ferencvaros 10:9 Eger
(2:3, 2:1, 2:3, 4:2)

Ferencvaros: Vámos 3, Manhercz 2, Jaksic 2, Jansik, Varga, Nikic
Eger: Hosnyánszky 3, Rasovic 2, Lőrincz, Kovács, Biros, Vlachopoulos

BVSC 10:7 Honved
(3:1, 3:2, 2:2, 2:2)

BVSC: Pásztor 3, Létay 3, Várnai 2, Kovács, Csapó
Honved: G. Kiss 2, Manhercz 2, B. Kiss, Illés, Balakirjev


1. Szolnok 57 pts
2. FTC 57
3. Eger 49
4. OSC 42
5. Miskolc 32
6. BVSC 31
7. Honvéd 29
8. Debrecen 17

Losers stage

Domino Avus 13:11 Szeged
(2:2, 5:3, 2:3, 4:3)

Domino Avus: Garancsy 4, Baj 2, Ekler 2, Basara 2, Kiss, Takács, Polovic
Szeged: Korbán 4, Börcsök 2, Zsigri, Farkas, Irmes, Mekkel, Miskic

Tatabanya 9:6 UVSE
(2:3, 2:2, 3:0, 2:1)

Tatabanya: Kolozsi 3, Hoppál, Márkus, Máthé, Szabó, Katonás, Kolarik
UVSE: Tóth 2, Keresztúri, Korbács, Korényi, Dala

Vasas 11:12 PVSK
(1:3, 2:2, 4:2, 4:5)

Vasas: Bencz 3, Sélley-Rauscher 2, Marnitz 2, Steinmetz 2, Babay, Bóbis
PVSK: Chilkó 3, Csaba 3, Szatmári 2, A. Csacsovszky, E. Csacsovszky, Lajkó, Rakonjac

Szentesi 7:9 Kaposvari
(1:1, 1:2, 3:3, 2:3)

Szentesi: Nagy 2, Pellei, Somogyi, Palotás, Vörös, Tóth
Kaposvari: Sántavy 2, Lukázs 2, Giga 2, Vindisch, Dobos, Pataki


1. Pécs 32 pts
2. Kaposvár (-2) 28
3. Vasas 27
4. AVUS 21
5. Szentes (-1) 19
6. Tatabánya (-1) 17
7. UVSE 7
8. Szeged 0

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