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Derby delight for Serbia and Croatia, Aussies and USA score first wins at the Super Final

Super Final

Favorites continue to dominate at the water polo World League Super Finals tournament. Serbia and Croatia now have two wins, while Australia and USA secured first victories.

Defending champion Serbia beat Italy 13:7 i derby match of Round 2 in Group A and Croatia won against Russia – 13:7.

It was, for this time of the season, unexpectedly good performance for Serbia. All in all, they surpassed the Italians, allowing them to equalize at the beginning of the second quarter. The series of goals from Filipovic, Cuk and Ubovic showed who is better in the swimming pool at this moment.

Serbian team took a 8:4 lead in the third part. The excellent defense of Mitrovic and Pijetlovic, a high quality edition in front of the Serbian goal made the Italians nervous. They lost their nerves, but Filipovic and his teammates remained calm.

In the last quarter, only Serbia was playing. Two fast goals from Filipovic and Subotic, and a few excellent defenses with the extra player, with goals from Filipovic and Aleksic gave the defending champions a convicing win.

It is worth mentioning yet another good game of Duško Pijetlović, but indeed all the players deserve compliments for a great performance in Serbian team.


The Croatian Water Polo team won against host nationa Russia – 12:7 in derby match of the second Round in Group B.

The Croatian water polo players justified the role of the favorites and very early resolved the issue of the winner. They practically ensured the first place in the group. Ivica Tucak’s team played a great third quarter which it won 5-1 and gost a crucial advantage (10-4) in the last eight minutes.

Antonio Petkovic was the best with four goals in Croatia, while Maro Jokovic, Ante Vukicevic and Andjelo Setka added two goals each. Croatia will play against Australia on Thursday.

American water polo team scored a first win of the tournament after beating Kazakhstsan 14:10 and it was a second defeat of the Asian selection. USA players opened the door of the victory already in the first period. In those eight minutes Americans had some very good defensive plays. Also in the offensive elements of the game Dejan Udovicic’s team showed quality against brave Kazakhstan team.

In the last match of the second day Australian national team also scored the first victory at the Super Final and it was against Japan – 9:8.


Group A

Round 2
June 21

USA – Kazakhstan 14:10 (3:0, 4:3, 4:2, 3:5)

Serbia – Italy 13:7 (2:1, 3:2, 4:3 ,4:1)
Serbia: Filipovic 4, D. Pijetlovic 3, Cuk, Ubovic, Aleksic, S. Mitrovic, Prlainovic, Subotic
Italy: Aicardi 4, Nora, Figlioli, Bodegas

Group B

Round 2
June 21

Australia – Japan 9:8

Croatia – Russia 12:7 (3:1, 2:2, 5:1, 2:3)
Croatia: Petkovic 4, Setka 2, Vukicevic 2, Jokovic 2, Loncar, Krapic 2
Russia: Lazarev 2, Merkulov, Nagaev, Lisunov, Vasilyev, Derevyankin


Group A
1. Serbia 2 games – 6 points
2. Italy 2 – 3
3. USA 2 – 3
4. Kazakhstan 2 – 0

Group B
1. Croatia 2 – 6pts
2. Russia 2 – 3
3. Australia 2 – 3
4. Japan 2 – 0

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