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Derby ends with no drama, a lot of fire in four matches

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Only one of five encounters in the 10th round of the Regional League didn’t saw a big battle. The outcome was certain much before the end only in the derby of the round. Most of the other games offered a lot of twists and turns and thriller endings.

Jug was merciless in the derby and continued its winning streak. The title-holder faced Jadran in Herceg Novi, 2017 runner-up. Jug dominated in the first quarter and led 3:0 at the 1st break. The second period was balanced (2:2), but Jug secured a victory in the third quarter. The visitors netted three goals in a span of 2:22 minutes for an 8:2 lead. From that point on, only a margin of their win was in question, at the end it was expanded to 7 (11:4).

Mladost Zagreb, that holds the 2nd place, had a lot of troubles in a match against the last-placed Budva, which led 1:0 and 2:1. The Croats turned around an early deficit to a slim lead (3:2) at halftime. A big battle continued after the big break. In the middle of the third period, Budva went in front again (4:3). Mladost earned a 7:5 lead with 04:30 remaining on the clock. It was a crucial moment. In a thriller finish, the visiting team kept all three points (8:7)

Partizan ended a row of five straight lost games (2 in the Regional league and 3 in the Champions League). Serbian champion beat Primorac in Belgrade and saved a chance to reach the Final Four tournament. The hosts opened the encounter with a 5:0 blast. Primorac managed to came back in the battle and it trailed 5:6 before the last period, but the visitors weren’t able to go ahead. They came close once more (6:7 in the middle of the fourth). But, Marko Jankovic scored two goals from counter attacks in the last 150 seconds for a 9:6 win.

Rivals shared the points in a Split derby. POSK led most of the time of a clash with Jadran Split, but the gap had never been larger than two goals. Five and a half minutes before the end Jadran took a lead for the first time (7:6), but in the 31st minute, Mornar was 8:7 up. In the last attack of Jadran, Kraginic netted from an extra and secured an 8:8 draw.

The first match, that was played in Split today, was very thrilling too. POSK hosted Primorje. The lead was constantly changing. The hosts earned a 2-goal advantage 2:38 before the last break (8:6), but in the next nine minutes, they missed a lot of chances (including three man-ups). Primorje managed to level the score 100 seconds before the last buzzer (8:8). POSK went 9:8 up (0:58). The last minute saw a lot of fire and red cards. Both teams ended the game with six players each in the pool. POSK kept a minimal lead and won t10:9. Top scorer of the game was Maros Tkac (Primorje) with six goals. Marko Elez (POSK) netted a goal less.

Regional league, 10th round

Group A1

Jadran HN 4:11 Jug
(0:3, 2:2, 1:3, 1:3)

Jadran Herceg Novi: Ukropina, B. Banicevic, Dj. Radovic, Mijuskovic.
Jug CO: Renzuto Iodice 3, Fatovic 2, Ivankovic 2, Culina, Jokovic, Benic, Lozina.

 Partizan 9:6 Primorac
(3:0, 2:2, 1:3, 3:1)

Partizan: M. Jankovic 3, Lazic, Tomic, Andrejevic, Manojlovic, Radonjic, Aksentijevic.
Primorac: Gluhaic 2, Crepulja, A. Petrovic, Gopcevic, Paunovic.

Budva 7:8 Mladost
(2:1, 0:2, 2:2, 3:3)

Budva: S. Cetkovic 2, Franeta 2, S. Vuksanović, B. Popovic, P. Cetkovic.
Mladost: Zovic 2, P. Markovic 2, Basic , Trush, Milos.

POSK 10:9 Primorje
(2:1, 1:2, 5:4, 2:2)

POSK: Elez 5, Delic 3, VUkic, Butic.
Primorje: Tkac 6, Cunko, Brubnjak, Paparic.

Mornar 8:8 Jadran S
(3:1, 0:2, 3:3, 2:2)

Mornar: Cagalj 3, Buha 2, Duzevic 2, Zivkovic.
Jadran: Marinic-Kragic 3, Krapic 2, Viskovic 2, Milradovic.

1. Jug (Croatia) 10 – 30
2. Mladost (Croatia) 10 – 25
3. Jadran HN (Montenegro) 10 – 20
4. Jadran S (Croatia) 10 – 14
5. Mornar (Croatia) 10 – 14
6. Partizan (Serbia) 10 – 13
7. POSK (Croatia) 10 – 11
8. Primorac (Montenegro) 10 – 9
9. Primorje (Croatia) 10 – 6
10. Budva (Montenegro) 10 – 3

Group A2

Crvena Zvezda – Medvescak 16:9
Solaris – Sabac 5:5
Nais – Vojvodina 8:3
Cattaro – Valjevo 12:11

1. Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 9 – 27
2. Vojvodina (Serbia) 9 – 21
3. Sabac (Serbia) 9 – 16
5. Valjevo (Serbia) 9 – 12
6. Cattaro (Montenegro) 9 – 11
7. Medvescak (Croatia) 9 – 7
8. Solaris (Croatia) 9 – 4
9. Zadar 1952 (Croatia) 8 – 0

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