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Coppa Italia: Pro Recco and Brescia with no mistake

Dusan Mandic and Cristiano Mirarchi

As expected, Pro Recco and Brescia finished atop in their respective groups of the second round of the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia). Pro Recco won the first place in Group C in Bogliasco, while Brescia was the best in Group D in its home pool. Along with two best Italian clubs, Sport Managment and Canottieri advanced to the Final Four.

Group C (Bogliasco)

Pro Recco is still „warming“ for the season. The team from Genoa didn’t play so well as it can, but despite that, Pro Recco water polo players won the 1st place in Group C without problems. On Day 1, Recco beat Savona (9:6). This triumph was followed by the wins against Ortigia (13:9) and Sport Management (10:7).

Spectators in Bogliasco saw a close battle for the 2nd place in the group. Sport Managment was a favourite to take the second place and it proved that on Day 1, by beating Ortigia (12:8). In the morning programme of the second day, Savona and Sport Managment shared the points in a hard-fought battle. Only six goals were seen. The match ended in a 3:3 draw. All goals in the match were netted from an extra-man. But  it’s important to mention that Sport Management had 12 chances with an extra man, while Savona had only five chances with a player more in the field. The man of the match was Slobodan Soro, an experienced Savona goalkeeper, who dominated in front of his goal.

After the draw with Sport Management, Savona had a chance to reach the 2nd place, but they had to beat Ortigia. The team from Sicily ruined Savona’s hopes. After three quarters, rivals were at the same starting point – 4:4. Ortigia scored twice in the last period and defeated Savona 6:4.

Filip Filipovic

Filip FIipovic Photo Pro Recco

At the end, the match Pro Recco – Sport Management wasn’t important for the two teams, due to Savona’s loss. Before the encounter it was clear that Recco will take the first and Sport Management the second place.

The top scorer of the tournament was Filip Filipovic (Pro Recco), with nine goals. The best waterpolo player of the world and of Europe played in a national Italian competition for the first time since 2011. Filipovic competed only in the Champions League for most of his seasons in Recco. By Vladimir Vujasinovic’s (Recco coach) decision, Filipovic is a member of the team for all competitions in this season.

Group D (Brescia)

Edoardo Campopiano (Cannottieri)

Edoardo Campopiano (Cannottieri)

In Group D in Brescia, the home team beat all rivals very convincingly in – Posillipo 14:7, Canottieri 13:6 and Florentia 15:5.
Canottieri secured its spot at the FInal Four in an even contest for the second place in the group. The water polo players from Naples, led by the best scorer of the tournament Edoardo Campopiano (8 goals), beat Florentia on Day 1 – 12:11. They didn’t have an easy job in the last round, too, when they beat their archrivals from Naples, Posillipo 9:8.

The Final Four will be held on 3rd and 4th March.

Coppa Italia, Round 2

Group C (Bogliasco)

(3:1, 2:1, 1:0, 3:4)

Pro Recco: Molina 3, Filipovic 3, Mandic, Bodegas, Echenique.
Savona: Damonte 4, Ravina, G. Bianco.

(2:2, 4:1, 3:2, 3:3)

Bpm Sport Management: Figlioli 4, A. Petkovic 2, Gallo 2 , Drasovic, S. Luongo, Baraldi, Valentino.
Ortigia: Di Luciano 2, Napolitano 2, Siani, Jelaca, Lindhout, Vapenski.

(1:0, 0:2, 1:0, 1:1)

Savona: Delvecchio, L. Bianco, Ravina.
Sport Managment: E. Di Somma, Drasovic, Baraldi.

Ortigia 9:13 Pro Recco
(2:2, 2:3, 3:5, 2:3)

Ortigia: Di Luciano 3, Napolitano 2, Lindhout, Giacoppo, Vapenski.
Pro Recco: Filipovic 5, Di Fulvio 2, Mandic 2, N. Gitto 2, Bruni, Echenique.

Ortigia 6:4 Savona
(1:1, 1:1, 2:2, 2:0)

Ortigia: Vapenski 2, Siani, Di Luciano, Lindhout, Casasola.
Savona: Ravina 2, K. Milakovic, G. Bianco.

Sport Managment 7:10 Pro Recco
(1:1, 1:3, 2:3, 3:3)

Sport Management: A. Petkovic 3, Figlioli 2, Drasovic. S. Luongo,
Pro Recco: F. Di Fulvo 2, Echenique 2, Mandic, Alesiani, Molina, Bruni, Filipovic, AIcardi.

1. Pro Recco* 3 – 9
2. Sport Management* 3 – 4
3. Ortigia 3 – 3
4. Savona 3 – 1

Group D (Brescia)

AN Brescia 14:7 CN Posillipo
(4:1, 2:3, 6:3, 2:0)

Brescia: Muslim 4, Manzi 2, Janovic 2, Paskovic, Rizzo, Nora, N. Presciutti, Vukcevic, Guidi.
Posillipo: Saccoia 3, Foglio , Iodice, Rossi, Briganti.

RN Florentia 11:12 Canottieri Naples
(4:3, 0:3, 5:2, 2:4)

Florentia: Bini 4, Tomasic 2, Astiarta 2, Coppoli, A. Di Fulvio, Razzi.
Canottieri: Campopiano 5, Borelli 3, Dolce 2, Buonconore, Velotto.

CN Posillipo 5:11 RN Florentia
(0:1, 1:3, 3:4, 1:3)

Posillipo: Gregorio 2, Saccioa 2, Foglio.
Florentia: Astiarta 3, Tomasic 2, Vanini 2, Eskert, Coppoli, Bini, Rizzo.

Canottieri Naples 6:13 AN Brescia
(2:2, 1:3, 1:2, 2:6)

Canottieri: Lapenna 2, Campopiano, Velotto, Borelli, Confuorto.
Brescia: Rizzo 2, N. Presciutti 2, Bertoli 2,Guidi 2, C. Presciutti, Paskovic, Muslim, Nora, Janovic.

Canottieri Naples 9:8 Posillipo
(2:2, 4:2, 2:3, 1:1)

Canottieri: Dolce 2, Campopiano 2, Lapenna 2, Confuorto, Borelli, Esposito.
Posillipo: Matteillo 3, Briganti 2, Cali, Foglio, Saccoia.

RN Florentia 5:15 AN Brescia
(0:5, 2:3, 1:5, 2:2)

Florentia: A. Di Fulvio 2, Bini, Dani, Astiarta.
Brescia: Vukcevic 3, Rizzo 3, Muslim 2, Paskovic 2, C. Presciutti 2, Guidi, Manzi, Nora.

1. Brescia* 3 – 9
2. Canottieri* 3 – 6
3. Florentia 3 – 3
4. Posillipo 3 -0

* qualified for Final Four (3rd and 4th March 2018)

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