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Clubs bring reinforcements preparing for the new season

New water polo season Ferencvaros, 7 new players
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At the end of the outstanding 2016/2017 season, water polo clubs started preparing for the next one. Numerous players will leave their teams to play in a different squad.

Avramovic and Rasovic in Eger, Ferencvaros presents 7 new players

Eger water polo club achieved a huge success by taking 4th place at the LEN Champions League Final Six which took place on May 18-20 in Budapest. It is certain that the team from Hungary will ahead of the upcoming season welcome two new players.

Marko Avramovic

Marko Avramovic (Photo: fradi.hu)

Serbian water polo player Marko Avramovic is one of the new Eger’s reinforcements. Avramovic left Ferencvaros which won Euro Cup this year. He also spent a few months in Oradea before coming to Hungary.
Former Red Star and Barceloneta player from Belgrade Strahinja Rasovic will also be joining the Eger squad. Rasovic excelled in Spain being often the top scorer of his team. He scored even five or six goals in some Champions League games of past two seasons.

Eger will no longer be the team of Serbian water polo players Boris Vapenski and Milos Cuk who arrived in Eger in 2014 and took part in Champions League final tournament on three occasions. Apart from Vapenski and Cuk, Balazs Erdelyi will also leave Eger.

Avramovic is not the only one who will no longer play for Ferencvaros. Marko Cuk will also depart from this water polo club from Hungary, and will probably return to Serbia. However, the Euro Cup winner welcomed seven new players, who were presented at the press conference held on May 29. Members of Serbia’s national water polo team Slobodan Nikic and Nikola Jaksic, Hungaria’s players Denes Varga, Marton Vamos, Krisztian Manhercz, as well as Tony Nemet and Tamas Sedlmayer. Varga and Vamos have just won the Champions League with Szolnok, while Nikic and Nemet played for OSC Budapest. Manhercz and Sedlmayer are coming from Szeged water polo team, whereas Jaksic used to be a member of Partizan water polo club from Belgrade. Szolnok lost Varga and Vamos, but the 2017 Champions League winner showed interest in signing Milos Cuk.

Randjelovic and Ubovic leave Brescia for OSC Budapest

Randjelovic and Ubovic

Randjelovic and Ubovic (Photo: anbrescia.it)

As OSC said goodbye to Nikic and Nemet, it signed Serbian water polo players Sava Randjelovic and Nemanja Ubovic who are leaving Brescia. The two have been part of Italian club since 2015, and managed to win 2015/16 Euro Cup and finished that season as runner-up in the Italian league. Prior to that, Randjelovic spent four seasons in Red Star team with whom he won two double crowns, Champions League and Europe Supercup. Ubovic earlier came from Vojvodina to Barceloneta in 2013 and won Triple Crown with the Spanish team on two occasions and the 2014 Champions League. On the other hand, Michael Bodegas might come back to Brescia.

According to waterpoloinside.com, Italian Sport Management reached an agreement Serbia’s Radomir Drasovic. He had been playing for Belgrade-based Partizan team and scored 35 points in the Regional League during this season.

Changes in Pro Recco and several other Italian clubs

Felipe Perone, Szolnok - Jug

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Pro Recco decided not to renew its contract with Pietro Figlioli after nine years of cooperation. In addition to this departure, waterpoloitaly.com speculates that Serbia’s Dusko Pijetlovic could leave Pro Recco too. It is also uncertain, writes Wpdworld.com, whether Filip Filipovic will stay in Pro Recco.

However, the reigning champion of Italy might be reinforced by Felipe Perrone, a former member of Spanish and Brazilian national teams. Perrone has already been part of Biancocelesti for two seasons (2010-12) during which he won two national leagues, one Italian Cup, as well as the Champions League and Adriatic League.

Waterpoloinside.com reported in April that Luca Cupido, who won the NCAA title with the University of California (Cal), might come play for Pro Recco.

Egon Jurisic will leave Catania to become the new goalkeeper of Acquachiara. Elsewhere, Nicola Cuccovillo, ex Vis Nova and player of Posillipo, is courted by Ortigia and Sport Management. Arnaldo Deserti will no longer play for Sport Management since he will return to Liguria. It will soon be known whether he will retire or play one more season in Bogliasco. Andrea Brazzati from Trieste water polo club was quoted as saying that departures of Elez, Obradovic, and Vukcevic are certain.

Roma Vis Nova issued a press release denying the rumors about Gianmarco Nicosia leaving this team. It was stressed that his contract will not terminate for another year. Waterpoloinside reported that Angelos Vlachopoulos will not play for Posillipo during the upcoming season. After it has been confirmed that Milakovic and, almost certainly, Gounas will leave Savona, this Italian club might probably lose two more players – Sasha Sadovyy e Roberto Ravina. Waterpoloinside.com reported that Ravina could return to Bogliasco, while Sadovyy might join Torino ’81.

Radjen goes to Moscow



A former member of Serbia’s national team Nikola Radjen will as of the upcoming season move to Moscow where he will join Dinamo water polo club. Radjen debuted for Romanian Oradea in February after a 2-year suspension due to the use of cocaine. Before Romania, he played for Vojvodina, Partizan and Red Star.

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