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Catalunya is the winner of the day

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Catalunya water polo club is the winner of the day in the Round 20 of Spanish Liga Premaat because it achieved a vital victory at Canarias swimming pool – 11:4. This was crucial also because the home team was also fighting to save a position in the elite competition.

The leader Barceloneta won easily at home against Terrasa (11:5), Sabadell scored a narrow win over Barcelona – 7:6. Real Canoe and Quadis Mataro drew 10:10, while Sant Andreu had no problem against Navarra (21:8). The first game of this round was played three days ago when Mediterrani water polo club trashed the last placed Molins de Rei – 18:3.

Canarias water polo club had a good opportunity to make a step closer to salvation in the game against Catalunya who had four points advantage until this round. But, it turned out that the visitors were ruthless. After just eight minutes, they had a 5:1 lead and it was a hit after which Canarias could not recover until the end of the game.

Barceloneta had a relatively easy job at Sant Sebastian swimming pool against Terrasa. As expected, the leader of the championship remained undefeated thanks to a great first half performance which ended 5:1. Slovakian water polo international Martin Famera was the best scorer of the game with four goals.

Sabadell had to fight really hard to earn a victory against CN Barcelona. The home team leads by two goals at the halftime, but Barcelona didn’t give up until the end. However, it was not enough to escape a narrow defeat. Despite this result, Barcelona stayed at the fifth place in the standings.

Real Canoe and CN Mataro played an exciting water polo match, but we didn’t get a winner. Real already clinched the last, eight spot in the playoffs and Mataro also cannot get more than a fourth position. Bertran and Andres both scored hattricks for Mataro.

In the last match of the round, Sant Andreu trashed Navara (21:8) and the visiting team still hasn’t secured a spot in the top league for the next season. Already at the halftime, the home water polo team had a 12:3 lead. Alberto Barroso was the man of the match with five goals.

Liga Premaat, Round 20

Mediterrani 18:3 Molins de Rei
(4:0, 5:1, 5:1, 4:1)

Mediterrani: Mielgo 5, Boffill 3, Hodaly 2, Gasulla 2, Minguell, Garcia
Molins de Rei: Domingo, Echevarria, Prat

Canarias 4:11 Catalunya
(1:5, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3)

Canarias: Perkovic 3, Alcala
Catalunya: Al Dughther 3, Nogue 3, Santiveri 2, Clols, Zurita, Alfonso

Barceloneta 11:5 Terrassa

Barceloneta: Famera 4, Perrone 2, Granados 2, Mallarch, Tahull, Munarriz
Terrassa: Alarcon 2, Agulha, De La Fuente, Galeev

Real Canoe 10:10 Quadis Mataro
(4:3, 2:3, 2:1, 2:3)

Real Canoe: Garcia 2, Gutierrez 2, Fernandez 3, Lucas, Gomez
Quadis Mataro: Andres 3, Bertran 3, Codina 2, Barbena, Fernandez

Sabadell 7:6 Barcelona
(2:1, 3:2, 0:1, 2:2)

Sabadell: Carrillo 2, Matoso 2, V. Cabanas, S. Cabanas, Lopez- Escribano
Barcelona: Esteller 2, Davie, Zinurov, Montes, Goma

Sant Andreu 21:8 Navarra
(6:2, 6:1, 5:2, 4:3)

Sant Andreu: Barroso 5, Tenorio 4, Gracia 3, Peisson 2, Vergara 2, Bruge 2, Coloma
Navarra: Fernandez 2, Carnohan 2, Arriazu, Garcia, Orozco


1. Barceloneta 20 games – 60 pts
2. Sabadell 20 – 49
3. Terrassa 20 – 46
4. Quadis Mataro 20 – 36
5. Barcelona 20 – 34
6. Sant Andreu 20 – 33
7. Mediterrani 20 – 32
8. Real Canoe 20 – 24
9. Catalunya 20 – 15
10. Navarra 20 – 13
11. Canarias 20 – 8
12. Molins de Rei 20 – 1

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