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Campeones! Barceloneta still dominates in Spain

Barceloneta water polo players
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Barceloneta water polo club continued to be a dominating force in Division de Honor. Catalan giant beat at home Sabadell 9-7 and defended the title in Spanish championship again and it was their 12th consecutive crown and 17th overall in club history.

Surprisingly, this time Sabadell scored the first goal of the game and Oscar Carillo was the scorer. Martin Famera quickly answered for the hosts who overturned the result and took a 2-1 lead. Then we saw a goal for goal game.

Mark Mingell found the net and on the other side, it was Lopez Escribano. In the finish of the first period Mingell scored again to give Barceloneta a 4-3 lead. Barceloneta suffered a real blow in the second quarter when Minguell was expulsed.

Nevertheless, this incident did not undermine Barceloneta championship goal. Roger Tahull and Albero Munarriz took the things in their hands and gave the home team a promising 7-5 lead.

When Munarriz took Barceloneta to 8-5 the defending champion was on a good path towards another victory and trophy. Sergi Cabanas cut the deficit to two goals. It was really all over when Fran Fernandez scored a ninth for Barceloneta and a big party could begin.


In the first game of final series, Barceloneta fully used the advantage of home court. They had a furious start of the game, taking the 3-0 lead with goals from Martin Famera, Alberto Munarriz, and Viktor Rasovic.

But that kind of a bad start didn’t discourage the visiting team and the quickly answered with Valverde’s double on the other side of the swimming pool. Barceloneta, however, remained in control thanks to goals of Gonfaus and Guell.

In the second quarter, Barceloneta kept two goals advantage most of all thanks to Luka Lozina, while Valverde tried to keep Sabadell at life.

It was the third quarter when the home team definitely started to brake the resistance of visitors. And with that kind of the game, Barceloneta managed to take a four-goal lead (10-6), again Lozina and Guell dominating in the swimming pool.

Alberto Egana buried all of Sabadell’s hopes when he scored for 11-7 at the start of the last period. He added another obe before the end of the game and Barceloneta made a big step towards defending the championship title.


In the second game where Sabadell was the host, the first goal came after three minutes and the scorer was Mark Minguell for the visitors. The same player continued to dominate in the swimming pool in the first half and Barceloneta took a 5-3 lead.

Javi Gorria and Ivan Gallego put Sabadell back into the game, while Cabanas gave the home team the first lead in this match (9-8). Barceloneta managed once again to overturn the result, but decisive part of the game was when Valverde, Lalo, and Cabanas scored three consecutive goals and Sabadell took a monumental 12-10 lead in the final minutes.

Game 1
Tuesday, May 16

Barceloneta – Sabadell 12-8

Barceloneta: Egana 4, Famera 2, Lozina 2, Guell 2, V. Rasovic, Gonfaus
Sabadell: Valverde 4, Pegado, Puga, Sanchez, Jara

Game 2
Thursday, May 18

Sabadell – Barceloneta 13:12

Sabadell: Pegado 4, Valverde 3, Puga 2, Gemar, Gallego, Sanchez, Lopez-Escribano
Barceloneta: Minguell 4, Munarriz 3, V. Rasovic 2, Gonfaus, Fernandez, Guell

Game 3
Saturday, May 20

Barceloneta – Sabadell 9:7

Barceloneta: Compte 2, Fernandez 2, Munarriz 2, Minguell, Guell, Famera
Sabadell: Lopez-Escribano 3, Gallego 2, Pegado, Gemar,

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