College NCAA Water Polo (Men)

Cal, USC and UCLA achieve new victories

Mikey Williams, Vassilis Tzavaras, Cal Bears
Photo: Catharyn Hayne / KLC fotos

Last week saw Round 3 of men’s college water polo 2017 season. UCLA and Cal improved to 8-0, while USC has collected nine straight wins so far. Stanford water polo team had a week off.


On September 15, Cal water polo squad hosted Pepperdine and this match was an equal duel. Both teams take turns in leading, but the Bears managed to come out as the winner, 8:6. Odysseas Masmanidis scored an opener for Cal, but Marko Asic equalized, so the first quarter ended in a draw (1:1). In the second quarter, the Waves went ahead 2:1 after Kenneth Keller found the net, but then Cal squad netted a pair and took over the lead. Chris Dilworth scored on the other side of the pool and the result was tied at halftime (3:3). The winner was determined in the third period when Cal stepped up their defense and managed to achieve a two-goal advantage (6:4). Johnny Hooper then increased Cal’s lead in the fourth quarter with a successful penalty shot. Even though Pepperdine water polo players were down by one (7:6) with 2:20 left on the clock, the Bears’ defense was on point and Nicholas Carniglia sealed the victory.

Cal 8:6 Pepperdine
(1:1, 2:2, 3:1, 2:2)


One day later, Cal water polo team beat UC San Diego, 20:10, with no trouble. The Bears demonstrated why they are No. 1 with their impeccable performance and their opponent had no chance of threatening. Cal squad was led by Luca Cupido, Hooper and Masmanidis who each scored three goals.

Cal 20:10 UCSD
(6:2, 6:3, 7:2, 1:3)



USC water polo team last week traveled to Davis where they took part in Aggie Roundup which took place on September 16-17. Trojans played four games and convincingly triumphed in all of them.

Day one saw USC overpower California Baptist University water polo club, 16:3. Trojans controlled the game from the very beginning and gradually increased their lead. Marko Vavic netted an opener, after which Tanner Shore equalized, but that was the only tie during the game as CBU was not even close to jeopardizing USC’s victory. Trojans Vavic, Matt Maier, Thomas Dunstan, Grant Stein and Bryce Hoerman each scored a pair.

USC 16:3 CBU
(3:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:0)


Trojans were even more powerful against MIT water polo squad, 25:5, when they scored 15 goals in the first half. USC’s defense was on point and they went on a break with a fourteen-goal difference (15:1). MIT water polo players were helpless and could not avoid the loss. Brilliant Lachlan Edwards scored five goals.

USC 25:5 MIT
(9:1, 6:0, 4:1, 6:3)


Twelve USC water polo players managed to score against Santa Clara on their second day in Davis for a nice 20:3 win. Trojans allowed their opponent to net only one in each of the periods, except in the third when Santa Clara was left scoreless.

USC 20:3 Santa Clara
(9:1, 5:1, 3:0, 3:1)


Long Beach State water polo players were able to keep parity in the first quarter when they managed to equalize on three occasions, but USC had a minimum advantage at the end of that period (3:2). Then the Trojans woke up, stepped up their game and went on a break with a nice 7:3 lead. LBS refused to surrender and fought properly in the third period which ended in a same result as the first quarter giving the Trojans a five-goal lead (10:5). Final eight minutes of the game saw USC score three unanswered goals to clinch their 9th straight win this season.

USC 13:5 Long Beach State
(3:2, 4:1, 3:2, 3:0)



On September 15, UCLA Bruins recorded their 8th straight victory as they prevailed over UC Santa Barbara, 10:5. The visiting team opened the match with three unanswered goals in a row, but UCLA woke up before the end of the first quarter and cut their scoring run. Alex Roelse netted the first goal for UCLA bringing down the deficit to two (3:1) before the second period. This was followed by four consecutive goals by the Bruins. Nicolas Saveljic scored a pair and tied the result, and Felix Brozyna-Vilim put the Bruins into the lead for the first time during the game. UCLA went ahead 5:3 after Roelse’s second goal, but went on a break with minimum advantage (5:4). The Bruins dominated the third quarter when they netted four goals leaving Gauchos scoreless and eliminated all doubts about who would be the winner before the final period which saw only one goal on each side. Saveljic was the top scorer with four goals, and Roelse added three.

(1:3, 4:1, 4:0, 1:1)


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