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BVSC comeback ties Miskolc, Honvéd downs Tatabánya

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In the active Hungarian championship, the 7th round saw the title favourites make no mistake. OSC and Szolnok reached comfortable wins in group A, while FTC ran away from Kaposvár 9-15 in their group B match-up, now still leading the way. Eger had no trouble overcoming UVSE who suffered an 8-17 defeat.

In other results Honvéd played a tough match against Tatbánya but eventually came away with a 9-7 victory. BVSC scored the game’s final two goals at Miskolc for the 5-5 draw.

Szeged and Vasas remain close to the powerhouses of group A after each adding another win to their total this weekend. Szeged held off Debrecen 5-9 and Vasas proved too strong for KSI: 10-6.

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