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Bronte Lizards secured the lead

Water polo fantasy

The best score in the 4th round (4 best teams of the 1st phase of the competition did not play) got the Balasz Vincze’s Swindlers with 22,71 points which got them a better position by 5 places and now they are 3rd. Uroš Stevanović’s Sonas got trough the 2nd place while Bronte Lizards secured they 1st position and now they have 11 point lead.

Balasz Vincze is a sport director of Szombatelyi, Hungaian 1st league club. As 1st pick on draft he chose Steven Camailieri.

In 2014. I was a coach in Malta, in their summer league. I saw him play and had a feeling he could be a good choice. In this league what matters is sum of individual performances, not the team itself. I think that he will bring more points today in the last game.

He got excellent 4,53 in the 4th round, the highest in the entire team. Right next to him was Draško Brguljan with 4,42 points, then we had Slovakian center forward Durik with 3,74 points. All together, Swindlers gain 22,71 points and got to the sumo of 76,15 which is currently enough for the 3rd place. And we the name Swindler came from…

I chose the name by the film „Now you see me“. Fantasy is good and fun. I do not always have time to prepare, but as in life you need to have luck here as well.

Jure Marelja, with his team Otpisani, is 2 time in a row at the bottom of the table with 62,37 points in total. In the last years’ season he was a leader for a long time, but ended 3rd.

I was young and unexperienced then, it was he first season and I started really strong but very naive, I did not managed to hold in that tempo till the end.

He changed the name as of last years’ „Raskoš“ now we have „Otpisani“.

This is all part of the process, I expect explosion at the end and gaining lost of points.

Marelja finished his profesional career few months ago and became an assistant coach at his primary club Solaris from Šibenik. The club sadly lost his head coach (Renato Vrbičić) who’s sudden death shoched everybody.

I think that I will not sount too patriotic if I say that Renato was one of the best, if not the best center forward af all time. His sudden death shocked us all. There are some ideas of me taking the position of the assistant coach but still in development phase. It is the truth that I agreed I will be with the team and go trough the preparations with them till the new head coach Joško Kreković is with the National Youth Team. What will happen next, it is hard to say.

For the competition among experts in fantasy Jure says:

I do not see colleagues from fantasy as a competiotion, I am glad that I can learn from them.

In total rankings, Fatović’s Bronte Lizards are leading by 11 points. In this round Uroš Stevanović’s Sonas got the 2nd best score with 20,16 points and got to the 2nd place. Warriors got the lead for the 1st two rounds, then one round as 2nd, but now they rolled over to 4th place. We are expecting a very interesting final of the season because Lizards are not too far away and from the 2nd till the 9th, the last place, is only 16 points difference.

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