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Brescia is ready for big exam in Athens

Brescia mathematically secured at least the third place in the regular season of the 99th Italian Championship. In the 21st round, the 2017 runner-up hosted and blew away 4th placed Savona. Now, five rounds before the final tournament (Final Six), the gap between Brescia and Savona is 19 points.

Brescia opened the match against Savona with three goals in the first three minutes. By halftime, the home team built a 5:1 lead. Savona scored for 5:2 early in the third period. After that, Brescia kept the visitors scoreless until the end. The home side scored just two goals in attacks 6 on 6. But, Brescia water polo players converted all of their six extras, they netted twice from penalty shots and achieved a 10:2 win.

The convincing win over Savona was a huge encouragement for Brescia water polo players before a big challenge in the Champions League. They will face Olympiacos in Athens on Wednesday. That will be the derby of the 12th round. The first clash of Brescia and Olympiacos this season offered a lot of excitement. Olympiacos won 7:6 by a goal scored three seconds before the end.

 “It’s very hard to beat Olympiacos in Athens. The champion of Greece is a very strong team, with three extraordinary foreign players (Croats Pavic, Buslje, Obradovic).But, in the game in Brescia, we proved that we could be equal to the Greeks. We have to play at the same level as well as in Brescia. We will do our best to make a different outcome. I expect a great game. Honestly, I would like to take a part in the encounter like a player”, Brescia head coach Alessandro Bovo said (source Brescia’s official website).

Brescia holds the 3rd place in the Group A of the Champions League Group A, with a point more than Dynamo (4th place) and Jug (5th place).

Top two sides Pro Recco and Sport Management achieved wins at other pools. Pro Recco beat Orgtigia (11:4), while Sport Management was better than Canottieri (13:7).

The battle into the middle of the table is heating up. Teams ranked 7th – 10th are not near the Final Six, they all have the same goal – to secure a place in the “safe zone”. Clubs ranked 10th – 13 will compete in the play-out.

Posillipo and Catania earned golden points in their efforts to avoid play-out.

The team of Posillipo beat Torino 81 in a very thrilling encounter. Torino had a slim lead after the first quarter (2:1). Posillipo went ahead by halftime (4:3). In the middle of the third period, Torino equalised on 4:4. The Naples based side soon produced a crucial 3:0 rush. Posillipo built a 7:4 lead deep into the final quarter. Torino players found the net twice in a span of 56 seconds and they trailed by one (6:7) 52 seconds before the end. They weren’t able to equalise once more. Posillipo took all three points (7:6).

Posillipo didn’t move from the 10th place, but the former European champion is a point behind 9th placed Lazio, which suffered a loss to Catania.

Cannella (Lazio) scored the opener in the match played in Catania. The home side responded with three consecutive goals and led until the end. Lazio managed to come very close early in the fourth quarter (10:9).Catania, led by an experienced captain Nenad Kacar, netted three fast goals to go 13:9 up and secured an important win (14:10).

Florentia (7th place) didn’t let surprise as it defeated Acquachiara
with an ease (14:10)

Trieste defeated Bogliasco in a match with a lot of twists and turns (8:7). This win doesn’t mean a lot for Trieste, which is nine points behind 9th-placed Lazio. But Bogliasco (11th place) took a big step backwards in the race towards the safe zone.

Italian Championship, 21st round

Brescia 10:2 Savona
(4:1, 1:0, 4:1, 1:0)

Brescia: N. Presciutti 3, Paskovic, Rizzo, Muslim, Nora, Bertoli, Vukcevic.
Savona: L. Bianco, J. Colombo.

Ortigia 4:11 Pro Recco
(1:2, 2:3, 0:2, 1:4)

Ortigia: Jelaca, Di Luciano, Vapenski, Napolitano.
Pro Recco: Echenique 3, F. Filipovic 2, Aicardi 2, F. Di Fulvio, Molina, A. Ivovic, Figari.

Posillipo 7:6 Torino ’81
(1:2, 3:1, 2:1, 1:2)

Posillipo: Irving 2, Marziali 2, Briganti 2, G. Mattiello.
Torino ’81: Pavlovic, Gandini, D’Souza, I. Vuksanovic, D. Presciutti, Gaffuri.

Canottieri Naples 7:13 Sport Management
(2:5, 1:3, 2:3, 2:2)

Canottieri Naples: Campopiano 5, Esposito 2.
Sport Management: Gallo 4, S. Luongo 3, Fondelli 2, E. Di Somma, Blary, Panerai, Mirarchi.

Catania 14:10 Lazio
(2:1, 4:2, 3:4, 5:3)

Catania: Kacar 4, Privitavera 3, Divkovic 2, Lucas 2, La Rosa, G. Torrisi, Z. Kovacic.
Lazio: Gianni 2, Spione 2, Leporale 2, Di Riocco, D. Giorgi, Caella, Vitale, Maddaluno.

Acquachiara 9:14 Florentia
(1:0, 2:6, 3:3, 3:5)

Acquachiara: Spooner 2, Tozzi 2, Spooner 2, M. Lanfranco, Zazzaro, J. Lanfranco.
Florentia: F. Turchini 4, Eskert 3, Astiarta 3, Coppoli, T. Turchini, Tomasic, Generini.

Trieste 8:7 Bogliasco
(3:4, 2:0, 2:1, 1:2)

Trieste: Gogov 2, Petronio 2, Turkovic, Vico, Mezzarobba, Spandoni.
Bogliasco: Lanzoni 2, A. Brambilla 2, Guidaldi, A. Di Somma, Cimarosti.

1. Pro Recco 21 – 63
2. Sport Management 21 – 57
3. Brescia 21 – 57
4. Savona 21 – 38
5. Ortigia 21 – 37
6. Canottieri 21 – 35
7. Florentia 21 – 29
8. Catania 21 – 27
9. Lazio 21 – 25
10. Posillipo 21 – 24
11. Bogliasco 21 – 17
12. Trieste 21 – 14
13. Torino ’81 21 – 7
14. Acquachiara 21 – 0

Teams ranked 1st – 6th will play at the Final Six
Teams ranked 10th – 13th will play in the Play-Out
Team ranked 14th will be relegated to the A2 league

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