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Brescia ends Sport Management’s unbeaten run

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Sport Management’s long unbeaten run has been ended.

The club based in Busto d’Arizio opened the season on September 13th, by competing in the Champions League Qualification Round 1. Since then, Sport Management has played 19 matches. After 17 wins and a draw, the club suffered the 1st loss.

The 4th round of the Italian Championship was completed by a big derby. Sport Management hosted Brescia in Busto’ d Arizio. The home side recently produced two big surprises in this pool, by beating Olympiacos and Szolnok in the Champions League, but Sport Management didn’t manage to continue the long unbeaten series. Brescia took all three points, defeating the hosts 10:7.

After the first quarter, the score was 3:3. The visiting side, led by legendary Pietro Figlioli (4 goals), who moved from Sport Management to Brescia a few months ago, earned its first 2-goal lead (5:3) in the middle of the third quarter. Sport Management reduced the gap (4:5). Twelve seconds before the last break Muslim converted a man-up for 6:4.

The visitors broke the rival in the opening minutes of the last quarter. They jumped to a 9:5 advantage in the 28th minute. Sport Management wasn’t able to come back anymore.

Brescia successfully recovered from an 8:9 loss to Recco in the Champions League last weekend. That was Brescia’s first loss in the season, but the club has played 8 matches fewer than Sport Management. Brescia started the competition in the Champions League from the 2nd Qualification Round. In the Italian cup, Brescia was directly qualified for the Final Eight, as well as Pro Recco (the 2 best clubs in the last season). Sport Management had to play in the qualifications of the national cup.

Pro Recco had an easy job in the 4th round. It blew away Catania 22:3. All 11 field players found the net in this match. Mateo Aicardi was the top scorer (5 goals).

Most of the matches of the 4th round were played last weekend, while Pro Recco, Brescia, and, Sport Management were competing in the Champions League.

Four games were decided by a one-goal margin.

Newcomer Iren Quinto defeated Florentia in Florence. The home team led 5:4 early in the third period. By the end of the match, Quinto turned around the deficit to a 7:6 win.

Ortigia beat Savona 10:9. A game-winner was netted by Di Luciano just 23 seconds from time.

There were a lot of twists and turns in Trieste where Trieste defeated Roma 8:7. An encounter between Canottieri Naples and Bogliasco also offered a lot of thrills. Canottieri posted a 9:8 win.

Posillipo demolished Lazio in Rome (14:7). After the 4th round, the Naples-based team is tied with Brescia for the 1st place.

100th Italian Championship, Day 4

Sport Management 7:10 Brescia
(3:3, 0:1,1:2, 3:4)

BPM Sport Management: E. Di Somma 2, S. Luongo 2, Damonte, Alesiani, C. Mirarchi.
Brescia: Figlioli 4, C. Presciutti 2, Rizzo 2, Muslim, Bertoli.

Pro Recco 22:3 Catania
(4:0, 6:0, 7:2, 5:1)

Pro Recco: Aicardi 5, Echenique 3, Renzuto 2, Mandic 2, F. Di Fulvio 2,Velotto 2, N. Gitto 2, Bukic, Molina, Figari, Ivovic.
Catania: Buzdovancic , Catania, Kacar.

Canottieri Naples 9:8 Bogliasco
(2:2, 1:2,3:0, 3:4)

Canottieri: Campopiano 3, Tartaro, Tanaskovic, Mar. Tkac, Confurto, M. Vukicevic.
Bogliasco Bene: A: Di Somma 3. Ferrero, Fracas, Lanzoni, Monari, Puccio.

Trieste 8:7 Roma
(1:2, 1:1, 3:2, 3:2)

Trieste: Petronio 2, Gogov 2, Mezzarobba 2, Podgornik, Vico.
Roma Nuoto: S. Camilleri 3, J. Camilleri, Paskovic, De Robertis, M, Lapenna.

Florentia 6:7 Quinto
(1:2, 2:1, 3:2, 0:2)

Florentia: Coppoli 3, Razzi, Eskert, A. Di Fulvio.
Iren Quinto: Paunovic 2, Lindhout 2, N. Vavic, Gavazzi, Amelio.

Lazio 7:14 Posillipo
(3:4, 1:2, 2:5, 1:3)

Lazio: Ferrante 2, Leporale 2, Antonucci, Cannella, Maddaluno.
Posillipo: M. Di Martire 4, Manzi 3, Papakos 2, Marziali 2, G. Mattiello, Rossi, Saccoia.

Savona 9:10 Ortigia
(1:3, 3:2, 3:3, 2:2)

Savona: K. Milakovic 3, E. Novara 2. Caldieri, Vuskovic, L. Bianco, G. Novara.
Ortigia: Espanol 3, Di Luciano 2, Giacoppo 2, Farmer, Rotondo, Napolitano.

1. Brescia 4 – 12
2. Posillipo 4 – 12
3. Pro Recco 4 – 9
4. Sport Management 4 -9
5. Iren Quinto 4 – 9
6. Ortigia 4 – 6
7. Trieste 4 – 6
8. Cannotieri Naples 4 – 6
9. Lazio 4 – 4
10.Florentia 4 – 3
11.Roma 4 – 3
12. Savona 4 – 3
13. Bogliasco 4 – 1
14. Catania 4 – 0

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