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Brescia downs Sport Management

Mladjan Janovic (Brescia) Photo: AN Brescia/Facebook

The winner of the 17th round of the Italian Championship was Brescia. The last season ’s runner-up convincingly defeated Sport Management in the big derby.

Sport Management arrived in Brescia after a surprising loss to Jadran Split in the Champions League on Wednesday (9:12). On the other side, Brescia water polo players downed Super Cup winner Ferencvaros (10:5) in the 8th round of the Champions League.

The hosts managed to repeat a good performance. Brescia jumped to a 3:0 lead in the 10th minute. Sport Management was able to come back and to reduce the gap by the end of the third quarter (3:4). But, in the last quarter, Brescia staged a power demonstration. The home side scored four unanswered goals for a big 8:3 win.

Pro Recco visitied to Sicily. The title-holder blew away Catania 17:8.

After the 17th round, Pro Recco and Brescia still share the 1st and the 2nd place, but  the gap between these two teams, on one side, and the Sport Management, which holds the 3rd place, increased to 6 points.

Besides Pro Recco, Savona traveled to Sicily to face Ortigia in Syracuse. An experienced goalkeeper Slobodan Soro came back to Savona after almost a month of absence. He was in Sao Paolo, playing for Brazil at UANA Cup, held in Sao Paolo where the Brazilians took the gold medal. Soro was one of the key players in Savona’s win in a low-scoring match in Syracuse.

Savona took all three points, by beating Ortigia 4:3. Savona’s Caldieri netted a winner 11 seconds before the last buzzer. This was Savona water polo players’ first win since November when they beat Bogliasco in the 11th round (8:6).

C.C. Ortigia vs R.N. Savona gli highlights

Quarta giornata di ritorno alla "Paolo Caldarella"

Posted by Circolo Canottieri Ortigia on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Video source: Circolo Canottieri Ortigia/Facebook

Fourth-placed Posillipo defeated Lazio 8:6. Lazio had a lot of problems before the match. Two important players missed the game because of injuries and illness (Leporale and Canella). Posillipo gained a 2:0 lead in the first quarter and maintained the advantage until the end.

There were a lot of thrills in Genoa where Iren Quinto hosted Florentia. The home team had a 4:2 lead early in the second period, but then Florentia took control and grabbed an 8:6 advantage in the 27th minute. But, in the remaining time, Iren scored three goals. Just 12 seconds from the end, Amelio set the final score – 9:8 for Iren. The Genoa-based team caught Florentia in points. The teams have 24 points  each and share 7th and 8th place. Both are in the “safe zone”, close to the Final Six (1-6 place) and still far from the “play-out zone (10th-13th place).

Roma beat Trieste much easier than it was expected (15:6), while Bogliasco recorded its 3rd win this season by defeating Canottieri (12:10).

100th Italian Championship, 17th round

Brescia 8:3 Sport Management
(2:0, 2:1, 0:2, 4:0)

Brescia: N. Presciutti 2, Figlioli 2, Gueratto, Nora, Vukcevic.
Sport Management: Drasovic, S. Luongo, Valentino.

Catania 8:17 Pro Recco
(1:5, 1:6, 2:4, 4:2)

Catania: G. Torrisi 3, Privitera 3, D. Presciuti, Cuccovillo.
Pro Recco: Echenique 4, F. Di Fulvio 2, Filipovic 2, Ivovic 2, Renzuto 2, Veloto, Aicardi, Bodegas.

Ortigia 3:4 Savona
(1:2, 1:0, 0:0, 1:2)

Ortigia: Napolitano 2, Jelaca.
Savona: J. Colombo 2, Caldieri, Vuskovic.

Posillipo 8:6 Lazio
(2:0, 2:2, 2:2, 2:2)

Posillipo: M. Di Martire 3, Kopeliadis 2, G. Mattiello, Marziali, Papakos.
Lazio:Narciso 2, Vitale 2, Antonucci, D. Giorgi.

Bogliasco 12:10 Canottieri
(2:1, 1:3,4:2, 5:4)

Bogliasco: Ravina 3, Lanzoni 3, Fracas 2, A. Di Somma, Gambacorta, Monari, Guidaldi.
Canottieri: Tanaskovic 4, Campopiano 4, Del Basso, Vukicevic.

Roma 15:6 Trieste
(3:1, 4:0, 3:2, 5:3)

Roma Nuoto: S. Camilleri 4, De Robertis 3, M. Lapenna 2, Spione 2, F. Fraglia, Paskovic, Africano.
Trieste: Vico 2, Petronio 2, Gogov, Mezzarobba.

Quinto 9:8 Florentia
(3:2, 2:3, 1:2, 3:1)

Iren Quinto: M. Gito 2, Paunovic, Mugnaini, F. Brambilla, Lindhout, Bittarello, Amelio.
Florentia: Razzi 2, Generini, Eskert, Coppoli, F. Turchini, Astiarta, A. Di Fulvio.

1 Pro Recco 17 – 48
2 Brescia 17 – 48
3 Sport Management 17 – 42
4 Posillipo 17 – 32
5 Ortigia 17 – 26
6 Lazio 17 – 25
7 Florentia 17 – 24
8 Quinto 17 – 24
9 Roma 17 – 18
10 Canottieri 17 – 16
11 Trieste 17 – 15
12 Savona 17 – 14
13 Catania 17 – 10
14 Bogliaso 17 – 10

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