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Bogliaso downs Savona and helps Ortigia


The biggest surprise of the 23rd Italian Championship round happened in Bogliasco. The home team stunned Savona, while other games saw more or less expected outcomes.

Savona came to Bogliasco without two important players. Giovani Bianco, a center-forward, and Brazilian attacker Gustavo Guimares missed the match because of injuries. Savona scored the 1st goal in the match. After that, Bogliasco took control and it jumped to a 4:1 lead deep into the 2nd quarter. The hosts, led by Lanzoni (4 goals), were 5:3 up at halftime. They added three goals in the 3rd quarter to earn a huge advantage (8:3). Savona didn’t manage to come back. Bogliasco maintained a 5-goal gap (12:7).

The surprising result in Bogliasco was a very bad news for Posillipo. Bogliasco is still far from a „safe zone“ (above the 10th place). Three rounds before the end, it has six points fewer than 9th-placed Lazio, which have to play a match more. But, Bogliaco has a chance to catch up 10th-placed Posillipo and to secure the „pole position“ in the play-out.

Posillipo played its match in the 23rd round earlier. Title-holder Pro Recco blew away the Naples-based team (11:0).

The derby of the round also had been played before the weekend. Brescia hosted Sport Management. The home team earned a 2-goal lead in the first period (2:0), while it secured victory in the opening minutes of the last quarter when it jumped to 8:4. Brescia achieved an 8:6 win and climbed back to the 2nd place in the table, ahead of Sport Management. The man of the match was Valerio Rizzo, with 4 goals.

Savona’s loss to Bogliasco was a bad news for Posillipo and a good news for Ortigia, which achieved the most convincing win in the 23 round. Ortigia had no mercy against last-placed Acquachiara (24:6) and caught Savona in points (41).

Canottieri is still in the 6th place, with 38 points. The former European champion almost secured Final Six berth, but Savona’s loss returned Canottieri in the race for the 4th place. Canottieri beat Lazio at home last weekend. The Naples-based side earned an 8:3 advantage in the middle of the third quarter and cruised to the victory (12:9). The crucial match in the battle for the 4th place might be a derby in the last round Ortigia – Canottieri.

Catania successfully continued its runaway from play-out. Catania hosted Florentia, which led 8:7 before the last break. The home side strongly opened the 4th period, by scoring three goals in a row for a 10:8 advantage. Catania kept the points in a thrilling finish (10:9) and kept the slim chances to find its place among top 6 teams. Catania is 8 points behind 6th-placed Canottieri, but it has 4 matches until the end of the league because they will re-play match against Lazio, which is voided because of official’s mistake.

Italian Championship, 23rd round

Ortigia 24:6 Acquachiara
(6:1, 4:1, 7:1, 7:3)

Ortigia: Di Luciano 6, Giacoppo 5, Vapenski 4, Lindhout 3, Jelaca 2, Napolitano 2, Abela, Rotondo.
Acquachiara: Spooner, Ciardi, Di Maro, M. Ronga, Blanchard.

Canottieri Naples 12:9 Lazio
(2:2, 3:1, 4:3, 3:3)

Canottieri: Campopiano 3, Giorgetti 3, F. Lapenna 2, Del Basso 2, Confuorto, Velotto.
Lazio: Leporale 5, Canella 2, Tulli, D. Giorgi.

Trieste 12:9 Torino ’81
(4:2, 3:2, 3:4, 2:1)

Trieste: Gogov 3, Vico 2, Mezzarobba 2, Podgornik 2, Petronio 2, A. Giorgi.

Torino ’81: Pavlovic 2, I. Vuksanovic 2, Gaffuri 2, Gandini, Azzi, Maffe.

Bogliasco 12:7 Savona
(3:1, 2:2, 4:2, 3:2)

Bogliasco: Lanzoni 4, Fracas 2, Monari 2,Ferrero, Guidaldi, Gambacorta, Cimarosti.
Savona: Damonte 2, L. Bianco 2, Ravina 2, Colombo.

Catania 10:9 Florentia
(2:1, 3:4, 2:3, 3:1)

Catania: La Rosa 4, Kacar 2, Lucas, Catania, Eu. Russo, Privitavera.
Florentia: Astiarta 3, Eskert 2, F. Turchini, Bini, Tomasic, A. Di Fulvio.

Played earlier

Brescia 8:6 Sport Management
(2:0, 2:2, 2:2, 2:2)

Brescia: Rizzo 4, Muslim 2, C. Presciutti 2.
Sport Management: Baraldi 4, Figlioli, S. Luongo.

Posillipo 0:11 Pro Recco
(0:0, 0:2, 0:4, 0:5)

Pro Recco: Alesiani 4, F. Filipovic 2, Bodegas 2, F. Di Fulvio, Molina, Echenique.

1. Pro Recco 23 – 69
2. Brescia 23 – 63
3. Sport Management 23 – 58
4. Savona 23 – 41
5. Ortigia 23 – 41
6. Canottieri 23 – 38
7. Florentia 23 – 32
8. Catania 22 – 30
9. Lazio 22 – 26
10. Posillipo 23 – 25
11. Bogliasco 23 – 20
12. Trieste 23 – 17
13. Torino ’81 23 – 7
14. Acquachiara 13 – 0

Teams ranked 1st – 6th will play in the Final Six
Teams ranked 10th – 13th will play in the Play-Out
Team ranked 14th will be relegated to the A2 league

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