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Bogliasco makes great comeback, important wins for Ortigia and Lazio

Bogliasco vs. Trieste Photo: Bogliasco BENE 1951/Facebook

The best Italian clubs weren’t in the focus of the 15th round of the national championship. Pro Recco, Brescia, and Sport Management continued winning streaks with big victories. Matches between clubs that are in the middle and in the bottom of the table offered a lot of thrills.

One of the most important matches in the battle for the Final Six was an encounter between Iren Quinto and Lazio, which was played in Genova. After a balanced first quarter (2:2), the visitors from Rome took control, and they were in front before the third quarter (4:3). After the third period, the score was 5:5. Lazio opened the fourth quarter with three goals in a span of 1:31 minutes for an 8:5 lead. Quinto came back, but it couldn’t equalize. The hosts came to 7:8, then to 8:9. Lazio’s converted two man-ups in the last 65 seconds to secure an 11:8 win.

Lazio climbed into the 7th place of the table, with a point more than Iren.

After a failure in the first match of the Euro Cup semifinals (4:7 loss to Marseille), Ortigia hosted Canottieri Naples. The home side secured a 6:3 advantage by halftime. In the second half of the game, Canottieri was climbing back from time to time, but Ortigia’s win wasn’t in danger – 10:7.

Bogliasco water polo players claimed their second win this season producing a great come back. Bogliasco played against Trieste at home. The visitors were 8:5 up at halftime. However, the hosts shut out Trieste for whole second half of the game, while they scored four goals and won 9:8. The 9th goal was scored by Lanzoni, who converted a penalty with 52 seconds to go. Last-placed Bogliasco has a chance to avoid relegation, but they have to pass a lot of exams to reach the 12th place and the play-out (10th – 12th place).

Pro Recco was hosted by Posillipo. The reigning champion staged a 6:0 rolling before Posillipo scored its first goal, what happened in the 12th minute. The visitors dominated until the end for a 15:6 win. The top scorers in Pro Recco’s squad were Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice and Francesco di Fulvio. They each scored 3 goals, as well as Posillipo’s Massimo di Martire.
Iodice played for the first time in his life against Posillipo, the club in which he began the career.

Something similar happened in an encounter between Brescia and Florentia. Brescia, the home team, jumped to a 5:0 lead early in the second quarter. Florentia couldn’t recover from that shock. Brescia, pulled by a captain of the national team of Italy Pietro Figlioli (5 goals), cruised to a 15:6 win.

The third member of a circle of top 3 Italian clubs, Sport Management had some minor headaches in the opening minutes of the match against Savona. It stood 2:2 at the first break. After that, Sport Management, the visiting side in this game, netted six unanswered goals for an 8:2 advantage in the 12th minute. There was no way back for Savona. The team from Busto d’Arizio celebrated a 12:8 win.

Roma convincingly beat Catania and came into the 9th place. The teams were tied in the 10th minute (5:5) before the Romans netted six unanswered goals to jump on 11:5 lead minute from the end of the second quarter. Roma controlled everything in the second half and won 15:9.

100th Italian Serie A, 15th round

Ortigia 10:7 Canottieri Naples
(2:1, 4:2, 1:2, 3:2)

Ortigia: Cassia 2, Di Luciano 2, Giacoppo 2, Jelaca, Farmer, Espanol, Napolitano.
Canottieri: Vukicevic 4, Tanaskovic, Del Basso, Campopiano.

Posillipo 6:15 Pro Recco
(0:5, 2:5, 2:3, 2:4)

Posillipo: M. Di Martire 3, Scalzone, Manzi, Kopeliadis.
Pro Recco: F. Di Fulvio 3, Renzuto 3, F. Filipovic 2, Ivovic 2, Bukic, Bodegas, Aicardi, Echenique, N. Gitto.

Bogliasco 9:8 Trieste
(2:4, 3:4, 2:0, 2:0)

Bogliasco: Lanzoni 4, M. Guidi 4, Ravina.
Trieste: Gogov 3, Mezzarobba 2, Panerai, Petronio, Ferreccio.

Quinto 8:11 Lazio
(2:2, 1:2, 2:1, 3:6)

Iren Quinto: Vavic 2, Lindhout 2, Paunovic, M. Gitto, Amelio, Mugnani.
Lazio: D. Giorgi 3, Maddaluno 2, Vitale 2, Cannella 2, Leporale, Narciso.

Savona 8:12 Sport Management
(2:2, 0:3, 3:5, 3:2)

Savona: K. Milakovic 3, Grossi 2, E. Novara, Vuskovic.
Sport Management: Fondelli 3, S. Luongo 2, Alesiani 2, Dolce, Damonte, Bruni, C. Mirarchi, Valentino.

Brescia 15:7 Florentia
(4:0, 6:4, 2:1, 3:3)

Brescia: Figlioli 5, Gallo 2, Vukcevic 2, Muslim 2, C. Presciutti 2, Guerrato, Rizzo.
Florentia: Bini 2, Generini, Eskert, Coppoli, F. Turchini, Razzi.

Roma 15:9 Catania
(5:4, 6:2, 1:2, 3:1)

Roma Nuoto: Spione 3, M. Lapenna 3, De Robertis 2, F. Faraglia 2, S. Camilleri 2, Paskovic, Inocenzi, J. Camilleri.
Catania: Lucas 2, Cuccovillo 2, F. Jankovic, G. Torrisi, Scebba, Kacar, Privitera.

1 Pro Recco 15 – 42
2 Brescia 15 – 42
3 Sport Management 15 – 39
4 Posillipo 15 – 26
5 Florentia 15 – 24
6 Ortigia 15 – 23
7 Lazio 15 – 22
8 Quinto 15 – 21
9 Roma 15 – 15
10 Trieste 10 – 15
11 Canottieri Naples 15 – 13
12 Savona 15 – 11
13 Catania 15 – 10
14 Bogliasco 15 – 7

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