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Big thriller in Sori: Pro Recco defeats Brescia in derby for the 1st place (VIDEO)

Vincezo Renzito Iodice (Pro Recco) Photo: Pro Recco/

The first half of the Italian Championship was ended by a big derby. Pro Recco and Brescia faced in the 11th round. The two big rivals fought a hard battle. Pro Recco earned all three points and climbed into the 1st place in the table.

The encounter between two most successful Italian clubs in the past few years was held in front of 1.000 spectators in the pool in Sori. Brescia took a 4:1 lead in the first quarter. The hosts responded with a 4:0 rush and went ahead (5:4) 50 seconds from the end of the 1st half. Brescia equalized in the next possession and the teams were tied before the start of the third period.

Brescia earned a new 2-goal lead (9:7) in the 22nd minute. Pro Recco was able to catch the big rival and to equalize by the end of the period. Aicardi converted a man-up for 9:9 two seconds before the last break. The hosts added one goal early in the 4th quarter. Recco captain Aleksandar Ivovic scored from an extra player attack for 10:9. The thriller was very close to a culmination. A minute before the last buzzer Recco had a slim 11:10 lead. Valentino Gallo equalized with just 20 seconds to go. But, just seven seconds later, Francesco di Fulvio scored from an extra for the final score. Recco celebrated a minimal, but very important 12:11 victory.

Video source: Pro Recco/YouTube

Sport Management needed a lot of time to secure a win in the match against Canottieri, played in Naples. Sport Management had a minimal advantage (4:3) lead at halftime. After the big break,the visitors scored three goals in a row and went to 7:3 up early in the fourth quarter. Sport Management maintained the gap until the end (8:4).

The Sicilian derby Catania vs. Ortigia offered a lot of excitements. Ortigia water polo players built a solid 3-goal lead by halftime. Before the last period, they were 7:4 up. Catania produced a big comeback in the 3rd period and took its first lead (9:8) 10 seconds before the end of the quarter. In the middle of the last period, Ortigia was in front (11:10). In the remaining time, just one goal was scored. Torrisi netted an equalizer in the 28th minute and the match was ended in a 11:11 draw.

A left-handed Serbian player Boris Vapenski left Ortigia after the Sicilian derby. He moves to Georgia and he will take Georgian citizenship, as soon as it is possible, to become able to play for Georgia at the 2020 European Champioship.

Posillipo recorded its first win since November 11th when it defeated Canottieri (8:7). The former European champion didn’t have a hard task in the 11th round. Posillipo posted a win over last-placed Bogliasco (11:6).

Iren Quinto defeated Roma Nuoto in Rome. The visitors led 12:8 in the third quarter. Roma came close in the 30th minute (11:12), but the Genoa-based team kept all three points beating the hosts 13:11.

Trieste hosted and defeated Savona. The home side had a 5:2 advantage in the middle of the third quarter. Savona water polo players shut up Trieste until the last buzzer, but they managed to find the net just twice and returned home empty-handed (5:4).


100th Italian Championship, 11th round

Pro Recco 12:11 Brescia
(1:3, 4:2, 4:4, 3:2)

Pro Recco: A. Ivovic 2, Echenique 2, Aicardi 2, F. Di Fulvio 2, Mandic, Molina, Renzuto Iodice.
Brescia: Figlioli 3, Gallo 3, Rizzo 2, N. Presciutti, C. Presciutti, Bertoli.

Catania 11:11 Ortigia
(3:4, 1:3, 5:1, 2:3)

Catania: Kacar 2, D. Presciutti 2, Lucas, Jankovic, Catania, Eu Russo, G. Torissi, Privitavera,

Ortigia: Napolitano 2, Di Luciano 2, Giacoppo 2, Jelaca 2, Farmer, Vapenski, Susak.

Canottieri 4:8 Sport Management
(2:2, 1:2, 0:2, 1:2)

Canottieri: Del Basso, Tkac, Campopiano, Vukcevic.
Sport Management:Luongo 4, Dolce, Di Somma, Drasovic, Valentino.

Roma 11:13 Quinto
(2:3, 3:4, 4:5, 2:1)

Roma Nuoto: S. Camilleri 4, F. Faraglia 2, Ciotti, Spione, Paskovic, M. Lapenna, De Robertis.
Iren Quinto: Vavic 3, M. Gitto 3, F. Brambilla 3, Mugnaini, Bielek, Bitarello.

Trieste 5:4 Savona
(3:1, 1:1, 1:1, 0:1)

Trieste: Vico 2, Panerai, Mezzarobba, Rocchi.
Savona: Piombo 2, Milakovic, Cadieri.

Posillipo 11:6 Bogliasco
(3:0, 3:3, 4:1, 1:2)

Posillipo: M. Di Martire 2, Marziali 2, Manzi 2, Rossi 2, Scalzone, Saccoia.
Bogliasco Bene: Monari 2, Puccio 2, Ferrero, A. Di Somma.

Lazio 11:7 Florentia
(3:1, 3:4, 2:1, 3:1)

Lazio: Colosimo 3, Antonucci 2, Canella 2, Leporale 2, Ferrante, D. Giorgi.
Florentia: Coppoli 3, Eskert, Bini, Dani, Tomasic.

1 Pro Recco 11 – 30 (+100 goal difference)
2 Brescia 11 – 30 (+79)
3 Sport Management 11 – 27
4 Posillipo 11 – 20
5 Florentia 11 – 18 (-11)
6 Quinto 11 – 18 (-14)
7 Ortigia 11 – 17
8 Lazio 11 – 13
9 Roma 11 – 12 (-23)
10 Canottieri 11 – 12 (-24)
11 Trieste 11 – 12 (-32)
12 Savona 11 – 10
13 Catania 11 – 7
14 Bogliasvo 11 – 1

Best scorers

1 Stefano Luongo (Sport Management) 36
2 Pietro Figlioli (Brescia) 27
3 Steve Camilleri (Roma) 27
4 Francesco di Fulvio (Pro Recco) 25
5 Gonzalo Echenique (Pro Recco) 25
6 Aleksandar Ivovic (Pro Recco) 23
7 Cristian Presciutti (Brescia) 23

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