Big derby wins for Szolnoki and Eger!

Hungary water polo

What a weekend in Hungarian water polo championship! We had three big derbies and defending champion Szolnoki and their main rival Eger can be more than satisfied with the outcomes.

Eger won a big derby at OSC Budapest swimming pool. Former champion triumphed 9:8 in a true battle of water polo giants. And also Eger now has six points more than second-placed OSC.

Imre Nyéki Swimming Pool was packed with the crowd and they could see some top class water polo. Rivals were tied at 3:3 in the first period and at the start of the second Drasko Brguljan gave OSC the lead.

It seemed that OSC has the momentum because thanks to Balázs Erdélyi and Gábor Hegedus home team went to half-time break with a one-goal advantage.
In the first run after the break, Eger managed to overturn thanks to goals from Gergo Kovacs and Balint Lorincz. Then Angelos Vlachopoulos continued with his third goal of the game and Norbert Hosnyánszky gave the visitors a 9:7 lead.

It turned out to be more than enough for a big derby win.

In another big derby of this round, Szolnoki won in Budapest against Ferencvaros – 11:8. This was a first defeat of the season for Fradi water polo players.
Szilárd Jansik opened the scoresheet for the home team. However, Aaron Younger practically immediately equalized for the European champion. Marton Vamos gave another lead to Fradi at the start of the second quarter, but by the end of this period, Szolnoki overturned the result.

It started with Younger’s second goal of the game and continued with Milan Aleksic and Andrija Prlainovic finding the net of the home team.

However, Ferencvaros never gave up so in the second half thanks to Vamos, Jansik and home team managed to equalize three more times and we got a drama in the finish.

But, in the finals two and a half minutes, it was all about Szolnoki who scored three goals to grab an important win. Once again, it was Younger who found the net, and after his goal, it was much easier for Batori Bence and Gabor Kis to seal the win.

The third derby of this round was played between two teams from the Hungarian capital. Vasas hosted BVSC Zuglo and this duel ended with a draw 6:6.

BVSC had the lead since the start of the game, at times it was a two-goal difference. But, in the final minutes, it was Vasas fans who were more satisfied with the result as their team won a point thanks to goals from Domonkos Selley and Gergo Marnitz.

Round 7

Saturday, November 18

Miskolci 18:2 Szeged
(7:0, 2:1, 4:1, 5:0)

Miskolc: Misic 4, Halek 3, Berta 3, Vadovics 2, Milicic 2, Hornyak, Jakab, Nagy, Bowen
Szeged: Zsigri, Mickic

OSC 8:9 Eger
(3:3, 3:2, 0:2, 2:2)

OSC: Brguljan 3, Salamon 2, Erdelyi, Hegedus, Kovacs
Eger: Vlachopoulos 3, Harai, Lorincz, Bedo, Kovacs, Hosnyanszky, S. Rasovic

UVSE 9:11 Domino Avus
(2:2, 2:5, 3:1, 2:3)

UVSE: Korenyi 4, Toth 2, Baksa 2, Dala
Domino Avus: Basara 4, Kiss 2, Garancsy 2, Polovic, Ekler, Rustam

Vasas 6:6 BVSC
(1:1, 1:3, 2:1, 2:1)

Vasas: Marnitz 3, Selley, Bobis, Miklos
BVSC: Czigany 2, Kovacs, Csapo, Varnai, Torok

Ferencvarosi 8:11 Szolnoki
(1:1, 1:3, 3:2, 3:5)

Ferencvaros: Vamos 3, Jansik 2, Mitrovic, Madaras, Jaksic
Szolnoki: Younger 4, Prlainovic 3, Batori, Kis, Gocic, Aleksic

Debrecen 7:9 Kaposvar
(2:3, 2:2, 1:2, 2:2)

Debrecen: Boros 2, Vidovic 2, Szoke, Somlai, Smitula
Kaposvar: Vindisch 4, Kovacs 3, Varga, Dobos

Tatabanya 9:10 Szentes
(0:1, 2:4, 3:3, 4:2)

Tatabanya: Szabo 3, Francsics 2, Kuncz, Fazekas, Katonas, Kolarik
Szentes: Somogyi 3, Nagy 2, Vishnyakov 2, Werner 1, Palotas, Toth


Group A

1. Szolnoki 8 – 24pts
2. BVSC 7 – 13
3. Ferencvarosi 5 – 12
4. Vasas 6 – 11
5. Debrecen 7 – 6
6. Domino Avus 7 – 6
7. Kaposvar 6 – 3
8. UVSE 6 – 1

Group B

1. Eger 7 – 21
2. OSC 7 – 15
3. Miskolci 7 – 12
4. Honved 6 – 12
5. PVSK 6 – 7
6. Tatabanya 7 – 7
7. Szentesi 7 – 6
8. Szeged 7 – 0

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