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Big battle in Nijverdal, easy job for Hungary


The European preliminaries of the FINA Women’s World League 2017 resumed with the matches of the 4th round.

In the match of group A, the spectators in Nijverdal saw a magnificent battle between the Netherlands and the guests from Greece. Before the last quarter, the game was tied (8-8). The home team took the new lead after three minutes in the fourth period (9-8). A few minutes later Elena Pleural set result equal, with her third goal (9-9). Laura van der Graaf netted for 10-9. Greece had one more attack, after Graff’s goal, but the girls from the Netherlands saved the victory.

The completely different match was played in Budapest, in the Alfred Hajos swimming pool, where Hungary blew away France (15-4). The home team secured a win after the third quarter. Before the last period, Hungary led 13-1. The best player of the match was Dorota Szilagy, who scored four goals.

Hungary has eight points and holds the first place in the Group A. The winners of two groups and the best second-placed nation will qualify for the Super final tournament. So Hungary is very close to the final stage of the competition.

FINA Women’s World League 2017, European preliminaries

Round 4

Group A

Netherlands – Greece 10-9 (4-2, 3-3, 1-3, 2-1)

Netherlands: Smit 3, Stromphorst 2, Koolhass, Klaasen, Joustra, Van Toorn, Van der Graf
Greece: Tsoukalas 3, Pleural 3, Avramidou 2, Manoliudaki.

1. Netherlands 3 matchs – 5 points
2. Greece 3 – 4
3. Russia 2 – 3

Previous results: Greece – Netherlands 5-7 (after penalty shoots), Netherlands – Russia 12-15, Greece – Russia 8-7.

Group B

Hungary – France 15–4 (4–1, 5–0, 4–0, 2–3)

Hungary: Kaso – Szilagyi 4, Gurisatti 3, K. Menczinger 2, B. Horváth 2, Csabai 2, Smomhegy, Zs. Mate.
France: C. Clerc, A. Sacre, Mahieu, Jaskova.

1. Hungary 3 – 8
2. Italy 2 – 4
3. France 3 – 0

Previous results: France – Hungary 6-16, Italy – France 14-4, Hungary – Italy 13-11 (after PSO).

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