Barceloneta wins the Supercup again!

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New season, old habits for Barceloneta water polo club. Catalan giants started a season with a trophy in their hands. Barceloneta won a Spanish Supercup title after beating Terrassa – 9:4 in the decisive match of the Final six tournament which was held in Barcelona.

It was a 13th Supercup trophy for Barceloneta and the third one in a row, so Chus Martin’s team gave us a preview of what is next season in Spanish water polo going to look like. At least now we know how Bill Murray felt in Groundhog Day.

Terrassa was a better rival at the start of this match. Barceloneta could not find the way to Terrassa’s goal. On the other side of the swimming pool, Sergi Mora was very precise and gave Terrassa a starting lead.

Barceloneta reacted to that first quarter. And it was a kind of reaction you expect from a champion team, which Barceloneta definitely is. Felipe Perrone opened a score sheet for Barceloneta, Blai Mallarch then added two more goals and defending champion took a 3-1 lead.

After the half-time break, Barceloneta continued to dominate the game defensively and offensively. Fernandez, Sanahuja, Perrone all scored as Barceloneta got a comfortable 7-3 advantage in the third quarter.

Already at that moment, it was clear to everyone that this game is over. The only question was how big is Barceloneta win going to be. Mallarch ended the match as the best scorer with four goals, while Perrone added two more.

In the end, this tournament was, obviously, a good test for all clubs before the start of the competition in Division de Honor on the 7th of October.


Terrassa 13:9 Sant Andreu (3:1, 3:3, 3:4, 4:1)
Mataro 7:6 Barcelona (3:2, 0:0, 3:1, 1:3)


Saturday, September 23

Sabadell 5:6 Terrassa (2:1, 0:3, 2:0, 1:2)


Barceloneta 14:5 Mataro (4:1, 1:1, 3:1, 6:2)


Sunday, September 24

Barceloneta 9:4 Terrassa (0:1, 4:0, 3-2, 2:1)

Barceloneta: Mallarach 4, Perrone 2, Munarriz, Fernandez, Tahull.
Terrassa: Sanahuja, Mora, Sanchez, Galeev.

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