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Barceloneta and Terrassa to fight for the trophy

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Barceloneta and Terrassa water polo clubs are going to fight for a championship title in Spanish Premaat league. After intensive games in quarterfinals and semifinals, those two teams have emerged as the only real contenders for the trophy.

The finals will be decided in the best of three series and it will start on Tuesday at Barceloneta Sant Sebastia swimming pool.

The defending champion Barceloneta had an easy job in the quarterfinals, in which it won in two games against Real Canoe – 18:9 and 17:7.

It was even easier for Barceloneta in the semifinal against a local rival Barcelona. In the first game, the champions won at home 15:2, while away they recorded an 11:1 victory.

Terrassa had a tougher way to the big final because they played two more games in the playoffs so far. In the quarterfinals, Terrassa won 2:1 against CN Sant Andreu.

They started the series with an 11:9 loss, but after that, they managed to win two games in a row – 11:9 and 14:4.

In the semifinals, Terrassa water polo club also played three games against Sabadell who was better placed in the regular season. Terrassa won the first game away 11:6, then lost 10:9 at home, but in the third match once more recorded an easy victory – 10:6.

It seems fair to say that Barceloneta water polo club is a clear favorite in this final series. Not just because it’s been ruling the Spanish club water polo since 2006, but it has the best record, the best team and Chus Martin’s guys are playing in a good form.

Terrassa will certainly try to challenge Barceloneta with fierce defensive intensity and maybe can even make this final an interesting water polo duel.

Also, this will be Terrassa’s sixth time in the playoff finals. Tradition is one more thing on the Barceloneta’s side because they lost only three times in last 29 games against Terrassa.


Barceloneta 15:2 Barcelona
Barcelona 1:11 Barceloneta

Sabadell 6:11 Terrassa
Terrassa 9:10 Sabadell
Sabadell 6:10 Terrassa

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