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Barceloneta and Sabadell fight for the Spanish title again

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Water polo clubs Barceloneta nad Sabadell will play for the title in Spanish Division de Honor this season. Last year champion Barceloneta defeated Barcelona in two semifinal games, while Sabadell needed three matches with Terrassa to clinch a place in the big final.

This will be the second year in a row that Barceloneta and Sabadell will decide on the championship trophy, and in 20016. Barceloneta was better.

Sabadell managed to come back from a surprising loss in the first game of the series and it was at their swimming pool. It was 6:5 for Terrassa in this match, but Sabadell quickly bounced back and won away in the second game – 10:6.

And then came the decisive game at Sabadell swimming pool. Terassa started the game better than the home team and took a 2:0 lead. Ricard Tevar played really good in the first half for Terrassa.

Thanks to Oscar Carillo, Sabadell managed to equalize during the second quarter, but Terrassa wasn’t scared at that moment. Agusti Pericas and Jordi Perez again gave the visiting team a big two goal advantage in the finish of the first half.


In the second half Sabadell completely turned this game around. Thanks to Gonzalo Lopez – Escribano who found the net two times in the third period, the home team finally took the lead (6:5). By the end of this quarter, Sabadell kept one goal advantage.

And the last quarter of the game there was just one team in the swimming pool – Sabadell who won this period 5-1. Terrassa just didn’t have enough energy and power to take the game to the edge.

As for Barceloneta, Chus Martin’s team won the first semifinal at home easily 9:4, while away it was a little bit tougher, but well deserved – 11:7.

Barcelona put up some solid resistance in the first quarter of this game. It was 2:2, but in the second quarter the defending champion scored three goals and opened the door for victory.

By the end of the third quarter, Barceloneta was leading 8:5. Roger Tahull was absolutely unstoppable in this game, as he scored five goals and was by far the best scorer on both teams.

Fran Valera and Victor Flores tried to put Barcelona back into the game, but Barceloneta is a very experienced team that knows how to play this type of important games.


Game 1
Barceloneta – Barcelona 9-4

Barceloneta: Egana 4, Compte 2, Guell 2, Gonfaus
Barcelona: Sotes 2, Calatrava 2

Game 2
Barcelona – Barceloneta 7-11
Barcelona: Calatrava 3, Fernandez 2, Lopez, LLoret
Barceloneta: Compte 5, Barcelo 2, Guell, Lozina, Famera, V. Rasovic

Game 1
Sabadell – Terrassa 5-6

Sabadell: Pegado 3, Sanchez, Puga
Terrassa: Martinez 2, Igual, Campos, Ortega, Polonio

Game 2
Terrassa – Sabadell 6-10

Terrassa: Tevar 3, Eixarch 2, Campos
Sabadell: Puga 2, Sallent 2, Portillo 2, Valverde, Pegado, Jara,

Game 3
Sabadell – Terrassa 13-8

Sabadell: Puga 3, Alguacil 3, Gemar 2, Jara 2, Marti, Sanchez, Portillo
Terrassa: Tevar 3, Eixarch, Igual, Campos, Ortega, Polonio

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