Barceloneta is the new leader after a big derby win

Barceloneta water polo club is the new, sole leader in the Spanish water polo championship. Round 4 brought us the biggest derby in the league and Barceloneta won away against Sabadell – 8:7.

Fans expected this to be a very exciting game and they got it. But, the first quarter was somewhat disappointing because they waited almost seven minutes to see a goal. And finally, it came when Roger Tahull found the net of the Sabadell.

Barceloneta continued to control the tempo of the game in the second quarter, as Tahull scored one more, while Sergi Cabanas netted the first for the home team. In the end of the halftime – visitors had a solid 4:2 lead.

At the start of the third period, Barceloneta went on an got a 5:2 lead after Nicolas Garcia goal. But, after that Sabadell managed to stage a comeback to just one goal deficit.

Just 36 seconds before the end, Lopez Escribanos scored and Sabadell was just a goal down (7:8). The home team also had a shot to equalize, but Linares stopped Oscar Carrilo shot.

In one of the local derbies, Barcelona defeated last-placed Catalunya – 13:5. Only in the last quarter visitors showed some kind of resistance. Pol Goma Esforzado was the man of the match with five scored goals.

Real Canoe won at home against Canarias Echeyde – 13:6. It was a second consecutive victory for a Madrid team. Victor Gutierrez Santiago played some brilliant water polo. He scored seven goals for the home team.

Terrassa water polo club won away against Molins de Rei (13:8) and took over the second place after Sabadell’s defeat. Oscar Aguilar scored a hattrick for Terrassa who dominated the game from the start.

Quadis Mataro recorded an easy win against visiting Navarra – 12:5. German Ignacio Yanez was great as he scored five goals for Mataro and Mario LLoret added three more for the home team.

Liga Premaat

Round 4

Molins de Rei 8:13 Terrassa

Molins de Rei: Cercols 3, Henry 2, Prat, Echeverria, Abela
Terrassa: Aguilar 3, Pericas 2, Galeev 2, Mora 2, Sanahuja 2, De la Fuente, Rodriguez

Real Canoe 12:6 Canaris Echeyde

Real Canoe: Gutierrez 7, Fernandez 2, Lucas, Camarena, De Grado
Canaris: Abad 2, Alcala, Pavon, Popovic, Fernandez

Barcelona 13:5 Catalunya

Barcelona: Goma 5, Marsal 2, Valera 2, Davie 2, Zinurov, Van Ijperen
Catalunya: Clols 3, Idarraga, Zurita,

Sabadell 7:8 Barceloneta

Sabadell: Carrillo 2, Lopez-Escribano 2, Johannes, Gallego, Cabanas
Barceloneta: Tahull 2, Famera 2, Granados, Garcia, Perrone, Mallarch

Quadis 12:5 Navarra

Quadis: Yanez 5, Andres 3, Bertran 2, Codina, Barbena
Navarra: Prados, Munarriz, Artola, Garcia, Orozco

Mediterrani 10:10 Sant Andreu

Mediterrani: Flores 3, Bofill 2, Minguell 2, De Toro, Kuznetsov, Garcia
Sant Andreu: Peisson 4, Barroso 3, Veehuis, Pogibet, Tenorio,


1. Barceloneta 4 matches – 12pts
2. Terrassa 4 – 10
3. Sabadell 4 – 9
4. San Andreu 4 – 7
5. Real Canoe 4 – 7
6. Quadis 4 – 7
7. Barcelona 4 – 6
8. Mediterrani 4 – 5
9. Navarra 4 – 3
10. Molins de Rei 4 – 1
11. Canaris 4 – 1
12. Catalunya 4 – 0

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