Barceloneta marches on, Terrassa and Sabadell follow the champions

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Things remain the same in the Spanish water polo championship after the matches of the Round 7 in this competition. Defending champion and the leader of the pack, Barceloneta is still the only undefeated team, while Terrassa remains the main contender for the first place.

Barceloneta recorded a seventh win and it was in Pamplona against Navarra – 20:1. The visiting team really didn’t show any mercy towards their rival. Chus Martin’s team has been superior from the first minute of the game.

Spanish international Alberto Munarriz was definitely a man of the match with five goals, and the only goal for Navarra was scored by Jaime Arriazu in the last quarter! After this game, Navarra remains with only four points won this season.

Terrassa water polo club continued winning streak, a for the fifth in a row, they beat Real Canoe 14:9. Didac Cobacho team had four goals lead already at the halftime (8:4). Bernat Sanahuja and Oscar Aguilar both scored a hattrick and only in the last quarter Terrassa played a little beat easier so guest won this period.

Sabadell continued to chase Terrasa in the second place with a comfortable win against Catalunya – 14:7. The home team didn’t stand a chance against Sabadell who played almost perfect water polo game in the first half because after the first sixteen minutes it had a 10:1 advantage!

After that Chava Gomez’s players have relaxed a little bit after the restart, but their win never came to question. Carrillo and Matoso, with four goals each, were the best scorers in Sabadell water polo team.

Barcelona won easily at Molins de Rei swimming pool – 14:7 and remained a contender for the place in the upper dome. The home team played managed to give some resistance in the first half (5:7), but when the game continued, Toni Esteller’s team turned a gear up to get a comfortable lead. Pol Goma was the best scorer with four goals.

Quadis Mataro won at home against Mediterrani 6:4 and third place remains within their reach. An it was only in the last quarter that home team secured this important win.

Round 7

Saturday, November 25

Quadis 6:4 Mediterrani
(3:2, 0:0, 2:2, 1:0)

Quadis: Barbena 2, Ignacio, Codina, Corbalan, Andres
Mediterrani: Garcia, Kuznetsov, Bofill, Gasulla

Sant Andreu 13:7 Canarias
(5:0, 2:3, 2:3, 4:1)

Sant Andreu: Barroso 3, Bruge 3, Coloma 2, Peisson 2, Gracia, Tenorio, Veenhuis
Canarias: Abad 4, Gomez 2, Alcala

Terrasa 14:9 Real Canoe
(5:2, 3:2, 4:1, 2:4)

Terrasa: Sanahuja 3, Aguilar 3, Rodriguez 2, Sanchez 2, Mora, De la Fuente, Perez, Galeev
Real Canoe: Gutierrez 2, Garcia 2, Alcon 2, De Grado, Lucas, Fernandez

Molins de Rei 7:14 Barcelona

Molins: Cercols 3, Prat 2, Bertran, Abela
Barcelona: Goma 4, Esteller 3, Van Ijperen 3, Valera 2, Zinurov

Catalunya 7:14 Sabadell

Catalunya: Idarraga 3, Alfonso, Nasser, Montero, Clols,
Sabadell: Gemar 4, Matoso 4, S. Cabanas 3, V. Cabanas, Fenoy, Lopez-Escribano

Navarra 1:20 Barceloneta
(0:3, 0:7, 0:4, 1:6)

Navarra: Arriazu
Barceloneta: Munarriz 5, Granados 4, Tahull 2, Fernandez 2, Larumbe 2, Vrlic, Paul, Perrone, Mallarch, Bustos


1. Barceloneta 7games – 21pts
2. Terrasa 7 – 19
3. Sabadell 7 – 15
4. Quadis 7 – 14
5. Barceloneta 7 – 13
6. Real Canoe 7 – 10
7. Sant Andreu 7 – 10
8. Mediterrani 7 – 8
9. Navarra 7 – 4
10. Catalunya 7 – 3
11. Canarias 7 – 2
12. Molins de Rei 7 – 1

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