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Barceloneta draws on the final day of the regular season

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The regular season of the Spanish Premaat water polo league is over and only in the last, 22nd game defending champion Barceloneta spoiled their perfect record with an 8:8 draw against Quadis Mataro. Of course, this result didn’t change anything in the final standings, because Barceloneta secured the top spot much, much earlier during the season.

The winner of the day is another team from Catalan biggest city, Barcelona who secured the fourth place with a win against Canarias Echeyede (18:10) and also thanks to a fact that Quadis Mataro drew against the reigning champion.

Mataro water polo team had a really difficult task in the game with Barceloneta because they had to win to stay fourth. It was a balanced derby duel. Beto Fernandez’s team played a good game in which Barceloneta had the lead for the first three quarters. But, in the last one Quadis took the lead twice (7:6 and 8:7).

However, Barceloneta refused to lose and the Sailors eventually escaped the defeat to earn a point. German Yanez led the home team with three goals, while Felipe Perrone netted two times for Barceloneta.

In the game played on the Canary Islands, after a square first quarter (4:4), Barcelona was ruthless in the second period. The visiting Catalan team scored seven times in this quarter to open the door to a much-needed victory.

Eric Marsal was great with four goals, while Joel Esteller and Pol Goma both scored hattricks. In the playoff quarterfinals, Barcelona is going to play against Quadis Mataro.

Mediterrani water polo club has fallen to a seventh place after an expected loss away against Sabadell (10:7). The four goals of Óscar Carrillo have been the key factor for the home team to take another three points.

Sant Andreu took the sixth place from Mediterrani after a home derby win against Catalunya (15:7). The home team this time had “dynamic duo” – Alberto Barroso and Rafa Vergara scored between them seven goals and their team now await Terrassa in the playoffs.

In Madrid, Real Canoe won against last-placed Molins de Rei – 15:8, but the home team has already qualified for the playoffs and there they will face Barceloneta. Against Molins de Rei Victor Gutiérrez was excellent with four goals.

Round 22

Canarias 10:18 Barcelona
(4:4, 1:7, 1:3, 4:4)

Canarias: San Martin 4, Fernandez 3, Alcala, Nieto, Silva
Barcelona: Marsal 4, Goma 3, Esteller 3, Tomasa 2, Valera 2, Montes 2, Davie, Zinurov

Barceloneta 8:8 Quadis
(2:2, 3:2, 1:3, 2:1)

Barceloneta: Yanez 3, Bertran 2, Corbalan 2, Andres
Quadis: Perrone 2, Paul 2, Bustos, Tahull, Munarriz, Granados

Navarra 7:16 Terrassa
(0:4, 2:3, 4:4, 1:5)

Navarra: Esteban 2, Artola 2, Orozco 2, Sousa
Terrassa: Sanahuja 3, Alarcon 3, Galeev 2, Rodriguez 2, Pericas, Perez, Salvador, Sanchez, De la Fuente, Agulha

Real Canoe 15:8 Molins de Rei
(4:3, 4:1, 4:2, 3:2)

Real Canoe: Gutierrez 4, Fernandez 3, De Grado 2, Lopez 2, Lucas, Garcia, Platero, Barba
Molins de Rei: Kraaijenhof 2, Andrade 2, Domingo 2, Prat, Abela

Sabadell 10:7 Mediterrani
(1:2, 1:1, 4:2, 4:2)

Sabadell: Carrillo 4, Fenoy 3, S. Cabanas, V. Cabanas, Muller
Mediterrani: Minguell 3, Bofill 2, Flores, Corres

Sant Andreu 13:7 Catalunya
(5:2, 1:0, 3:2, 4:3)

Sant Andreu: Barroso 4, Saboya 3, Tenorio 2, Gracia, Peisson, Coloma, Veenhuis
Catalunya: Zurita 2, Santiveri, Clols, Chico, Idarraga, Montero


1. Barceloneta 64 pts
2. Sabadell 55
3. Terrassa 52
4. Barcelona 40
5. Quadis 40
6. Sant Andreu 36
7. Mediterrani 35
8. Real Canoe 27
9. Catalunya 15
10. Navarra 13
11. Canarias 8
12. Molins de Rei 1

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