Barceloneta dominated the derby, big win for Mataro

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Quadis Mataro won the match of the day in the Round 9 against Real Canoe – 11:9. There was a deadlock in the first three minutes of the game before Joan Serra scored the first goal.

It was a tough game on both sides and they played a goal for goal. Victor Gutierrez equalized (2:2) at the end of the first period. It was almost the same at the end of the half – Alvaro Garcia equalized the game at four apiece in the dying seconds of this period.

This was an equal game in the third period until Lluc Bertran gave the home team a two-goal advantage for the first time in this game. Real Canoe was close during the whole fourth quarter, but it was all over after Pol Barbena scored the 11th goal for Mataro.

Catalunya water polo team managed to get a win against visiting Canarias – 9:7. The guest played some quality water polo this time until the last quarter when it all fell apart.

Catalunya was behind in the first three quarters, always trailing by one goal. But, in the last eight minutes of the match, the home team scored five goals, put up some solid defending, conceded just two goals and finally got a win which moved them away from the relegation zone.

Meditterrani water polo players scored a second consecutive win in the Spanish championship. This time they recorded a victory away at Molins de Rei – 17:8.

Mediterrani was especially good after the half-time break in which they entered with a three-goal lead. Marc Minguell and Victor Flores both scored four goals and led Mediterrani offense.

Sant Andreu won away against Navarra 12:7 and this was an important success for them as they now look safe and away from the relegation zone in the standings. Dani Ballart team had to fight hard to get these points, but after they got to a 10:7 advantage, they could relax a little bit.

Defending champion and the leader Barceloneta had an easy job against Terrassa, despite the fact that this game was considered to be a derby. Barceloneta won 10:3 and now has five points advantage in the standings.

Terrassa was equal just at the beginning before Barceloneta scored two quick goals, took a 3:1 lead and silenced home fans. Didac Cobacho team just didn’t have the quality to put some tougher resistance.

At the start of the last period Terrassa was trailing by four (2:6) and then Barceloneta scored three consecutive goals to secure a big victory.

In the second match of this round that was played earlier this week, Sabadell water polo club won at CN Barcelona 6:4 and now it is just one point behind second-placed Terrassa.

This was a tough defensive game with very few goals. Sabadell secured a victory only in the last quarter with two consecutive goals after the score was tied at 4:4.

Liga Premaat

Round 9

Saturday, December 9

Mataro 11:9 Real Canoe
(2:2, 2:2, 4:2, 3:3)

Mataro: Corbalan 2, Bertran 2, Ignacio 2, Fernandez 2, Barbena, Loste, Minguez
Real Canoe: Gutierrez 3, Garcia 2, Lorrio 2, Gomez, Alcon

Catalunya 9:7 Canarias
(1:2, 2:2, 1:1, 5:2)

Catalunya: Idarraga 3, Al Dughther 2, Clols 2, Zurita, Alfonso
Canarias: Perkovic 2, San Martin, Fernandez, Silva, Caldas, Alcala

Molins de Rei 8:17 Mediterrani

Molins de Rei: Cercols 3, Alcaide 2, Jesse, Henry, Echeverria
Mediterrani: Flores 4, Gasulla 2, Corres 2, Garcia 2, Kuznetsov, De Toro, Van den Burg

Navarra 7:12 Sant Andreu
(3:3, 1:3, 2:3, 1:3)

Navarra: Esteban 2, Michael, J. Arriazu, Fernandez, F. Arriazu, Sousa
Sant Andreu: Barroso 3, R. Saboya 3, Peisson 2, P. Saboya 2, Bruge, Veenhuis

Played on December 5

Terrassa 3:10 Barceloneta
(1:3, 1:1, 0:2, 1:4)

Terrassa: Pericas 2, Aguilar
Barceloneta: Fernandez 2, Famera, Granados, Munarriz, Larumbe, Tahull, Perrone, Mallarch, Bustos

Played on December 6

Barcelona 4:6 Sabadell
(1:1, 0:1, 2:1, 1:3)

Barcelona: Marsal, Valera, Van Ijperen, Montes
Sabadell: Carrasco 2, Lopez-Escribano 2, Gorria, Cabanas


1. Barceloneta 9games – 27 pts
2. Terrassa 9 – 22
3. Sabadell 9 – 21
4. Mataro 9 – 17
5. Mediterrani 9 – 14
6. Barcelona 9 – 13
7. Sant Andreu 9 – 13
8. Real Canoe 9 – 10
9. Catalunya 9 – 9
10. Navarra 9 – 7
11. Canarias 9 – 2
12. Molins de Rei 9 – 1

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