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Barceloneta dominant in Pamplona, Sabadell woke up in the second half

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Barceloneta water polo club continued a great winning streak in Round 18 of Divison de Honor and remained secure at first place in the standings. Chus Martin’s team didn’t just win away against Navarra 21-5, but it also demonstrated real power and dominance in every single element of our beautiful game in the swimming pool.

This was a seventh consecutive win in the Spanish championship for defenders of the throne, and, at the same time, 12th victory in a row against Navarra. The home team in Pamplona played without a pressure because knowing that they almost saved their position in Divison de Honor. But still, Barceloneta didn’t take this situation for granted. For them, every single opponent is the same.

Visitors played some really tough defense and took an early 4-0 lead. By the end of the first-half, Barceloneta was seven goals up (10-3), and in the second half, it was just a matter of routine for them. Luka Lozina and Roger Compte were in a great mood for scoring goals, with both of them finding the net four times in this game.

With a win in Pamplona, Barceloneta stayed four points clear of second-placed Sabadell, who also won away in this round. Their “victim” was Molins de Rei (11-6), and it was their ninth win in last 10 games. This game was not one-sided as the final result shows because at the half-time Sabadell had just two goals lead (4-2). Nevertheless, in the second half visiting team proved its quality and Vicente Alguacil scored a hattrick. It was a third straight defeat for Molins de Rei in the championship.

Third-placed Terrasa had to fight really hard to claim a victory against a home team of Sant Andreu – 8:7. In a way, Terrasa returned to the winning path after a loss in Round 17 against Real Canoe. Details decided this exciting match and also a great performance of Fran Sanchez who alone scored half of the goals of the visiting team. For Sant Andreu obviously, this is not a good period as they were defeated four times in a row.

Real Canoe team is definitely feeling great over the last couple of weeks and they showed it in this round by winning at home against Mataro – 8:6. The visitors seemed to be in a control of a game as the match passed by. At one moment in the third quarter, Mataro was leading 5-4. Until that moment Beto Fernandez was great. But then, Real made a 4-1 series that completely changed this game and gave the hosts an important win. Victor Santiago was the best scorer of Real with four goals.

Barcelona scored a win against visiting Mediterrani 10-6 and stayed neck to neck tied with Mataro in the standings. It was a tied game in the first half, with hosts leading by just one goal (5-4) at the early stage of the third quarter. And then Barcelona found the net three times in a row so it was an easy job for them in the final eight minutes. Victor Fernandez leads the way with four goals for the winning team.

And the drama was a keyword in a match between Rubi and Catalunya, two struggling teams. Visitors had more luck and celebrated a 10-9 victory, while Rubi missed a good chance to get a win which would make their salvation chances alive again.

Divison de Honor
Round 18

Navarra – Barceloneta 5-21 (1-4, 3-6, 0-7, 1-4)
Navarra: Soto 2, Lizarraga 2, Prieto
Barceloneta: Compte 4, Lozina 4, Alferez 3, Miranda 3, Famera 2, Rasovic, Sanchez, Egana, Gonfaus, Guell

Molins de Rei – Sabadell 6-11
Molins de Rei: Font 2, Corsi 2, Gil, Muller
Sabadell: Alguacil 3, Gemar 2, Vela 2, Marti 2, Sallent, Valverde

Sant Andreu – Terrassa 7-8 (1-2, 2-3, 2-1, 2-2)
Sant Andreu: Garcia 2, Uset 2, Veenhuis 2, Real
Terrassa: Campos 4, Illana, Polonio, Ortega, Igual

Rubi – Catalunya 9-10 (3-1, 0-3, 3-5, 3-1)
Rubi: Castrillo 3, Madridano 2, Ruiz, Caballero, Trabal, Grab
Catalunya: Gabor 2, Mondejar 2, Al Dughther 2, Flavia 2, Lopez, Aragones,

Real Canoe – Quadis 8-6 (0-1, 1-2, 3-2, 4-1)
Real Canoe: Santiago 4, De la Puente 3, Hernandez
Quadis: Guimaraes 2, Veich 2, Cerda, Pica

Barcelona – Mediterrani 10-6 (1-1, 2-0, 5-3, 2-2)
Barcelona: Fernandez 4, Plegeuezuelos 3, Nispeling 2, Calatrava
Mediterrani: Dominguez, Gaviria, Mas, Van den Burg


1. Barceloneta 18 games – 51pts
2. Sabadell 18 – 47
3. Terrassa 18 – 37
4. Mataro 18 – 32
5. Barcelona 18 – 32
6. Real Canoe 18 – 27
7. Sant Andreu 18 – 25
8. Mediterrani 18 – 23
9. Navarra 18 – 15
10. Catalunya 18 – 12
11. Molins 18 – 9
12. Rubi 18 – 7

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