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Barceloneta 16 out of 16, crucial win for Canarias

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Barceloneta water polo club continued its magnificent winning streak as they beat Real Canoe in Madrid 17:6 in the match of the Round 16 of Liga Premaat.

Chus Martin’s team won a maximum of 48 points so far and is eight points ahead of second-placed Terrassa. In the game against Real, Barceloneta shower right from the start that it came for a big win.

They won the first quarter 5:1 and it was much easier for the guests to continue the game. Granados was especially good with four goals, while Fernandez scored a hattrick.

Astralpool CN Sabadell has encountered a tough opponent in the match against visiting Sant Andreu. The game ended with a 10-10 draw after. Alberto Barroso has finished the game with four goals, while Oscar Carrilo found the net three times for Sabadell.

Canarias Echeyde hosted Navarra in the fight for securing a place in the elite for the next season. And the home team won 7:4, it was Canarias only second triumph in the Premaat League after the promotion.

The key period for the home team was the last quarter in which Canarias scored three goals and didn’t concede any. Eridu Alcala played a fantastic game and scored a hattrick for the home team.

Canarias team now has just two points less than Navarra.

Also important was the duel between Molins de Rei and visiting Catalunya. The Catalans were the favorites as Molins is still the worst team in the league. But with a win, Molins had a chance to revive its hopes of staying in Premaat League.

Unfortunately for them, it was never meant to be, especially after they saw what happened in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where Canarias won.

So, they lost against Catalunya 15:6, with three of the visiting water polo players, scored hattricks – Tomas Alfonso, Raimon Santiver, and Ivan Idarraga.

Round 16

Molins de Rei 6:15 Catalunya

Molins de Rei: M. Prat, P. Prat, Bertran, Henry, Echevarria, Domingo
Catalunya: Santiveri 3, Idarraga 3, Alfonso 3, Clols 2, Al Dughther 2, Morell, Nogue

Real Canoe 6:17 Barceloneta
(1:5, 2:4, 2:4, 1:4)

Real Canoe: Gutierrez 4, Lorrio, Garcia
Barceloneta: Granados 4, Fernandez 3, Munarriz 2, Tahull 2, Perrone 2, Alegre 2

Canarias 7:4 Navarra
(2:2, 2:1, 0:1, 3:0)

Canarias: Alcala 3, Caldas, Silva, Fernandez, San Martin
Navarra: Rodriguez, Arriazu, Fernandez, Sousa

Sabadell 10:10 Sant Andreu
(2:1, 3:2, 2:3, 3:4

Sabadell: Carrillo 3, S. Cabanas, Bustos, Lopez-Escribano, Fenoy, Gallego, Carrasco, V. Cabanas.
Sant Andreu: Barroso 4, Peisson 2, Saboya 2, Tenorio, Bruge

Wednesday, February 28

Barcelona – Quadis
Mediterrani – Terrassa


1. Barceloneta 16 – 48 pts
2. Terrassa 15 – 40
3. Sabadell 16 – 37
4. Quadis Mataro 15 – 29
5. Sant Andreu 16 – 26
6. Mediterrani 15 – 23
7. Barcelona 15 – 22
8. Real Canoe 16 – 19
9. Catalunya 16 – 12
10. Navarra 16 – 10
11. Canarias 16 – 8
12. Molins de Rei 16 – 1

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