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Barcelona still has a perfect record!

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What an exciting day in Spanish water polo championship! All six matches of Round six of the Premaat league were played on Saturday. In Barcelona, the home team won the derby against Sant Andreu (5:4), Mediterrani beatReal Canoe (10:9), while Navarra scored an away victory against Catalunya (10:9). Also, Tenerife also won away against Concepción 12:4, Quadis beat Terrassa 10:7, while the defending champion Barceloneta had no problem with Sabadell – 9:4.

In the local derby, Barcelona at home was trailing almost through the whole match. At the end of the third quarter, Sant Andreu had a 4:3 lead, but the team od Toni Esteller woke up in the last quarter. The hero of the home fans was Adria Delgado who scored the winning goal just four seconds before the end of the game. In that way, Barcelona maintained the perfect record after four rounds.

Another great match was played in Barcelona, between Catalunya and Navarra. The visiting team came to this match without a single win in the competition. And, after the first half, it seemed that Catalunya is going to give them another knock because it had a 7:3 lead. But, in the second half, it all turned around, as the team from Pamplona found the net seven times while conceding just two.

In the Sant Sebastia pool, the defending champion Barceloneta won against Sabadell (9:4) in a match in which the visiting team gave some kind of resistance for the first sixteen minutes (5-3). But, when the game continued, Chus Martin team have put a gear up, especially in the last quarter when they scored three goals in a row to get an easy victory.

Quadis Mataro water polo club continued to chase Barceloneta and Barcelona after a win against visiting Terrassa. It was a close game in the first half, but in the second Mataro, led by impressive Alex Codina who scored four goals, opened the gap and the door to a victory.

In Madrid, Tenerife Echeyde water polo club got the first win in the season against Concepcion (12:4) and it was a game in which the visitors dominated especially in the first half when they got to a comfortable 6:0 advantage. Santiago San Martin and Eduardo Fernandez played a really good game with four goals each.

Round 4

Mediterrani 10:9 Real Canoe
(2:1, 2:2, 2:5, 4:1)

Mediterrani: Gorria 3, Garcia 2, Minguell 2, De Toro, Roca, Perez
Real Canoe: Gutierrez 4, Fernandez 3, Garcia, Alcon

Barceloneta 9:4 Sabadell
(0:1, 4:2, 2:1, 3:0)

Barceloneta: Granados 2, Mallarch 2, Bustos 2, Munarriz, Fernandez, Tahull,
Sabadell: Fenoy 2, Carrillo, Bustos

Quadis 10:7 Terrassa
(2:1, 1:1, 3:2, 4:3)

Quadis: Codina 4, Yanez 3, Corbalan 2, Minguez
Terrassa: Barroso 3, Mora 2, Aguillar , Sanchez

Concepcion 4:9 Canarias
(0:4, 0:2, 4:4, 0:2)

Concepcion: Ferris 2, Gomez Garcia, Checa
Canarias: San Martin 4, Caldas 4, Magrina 2, Fernandez, Abad

Catalunya 9:10 Navarra
(3:1, 4:2, 1:4, 1:3)

Catalunya: Trilles 4, Gasulla 2, Idarraga, Bofill
Navarra: Stevenson 5, Sinclair 3, Fernandez, Sousa

Barcelona 5:4 Sant Andreu

Barcelona: Flores 2, Esteller, Marsal, Delgado
Sant Andreu: Moreno 3, Coloma,


1. Barceloneta 4 games – 12pts
2. Barcelona 4 – 12
3. Quadis 4 – 9
4. Terrassa 4 – 9
5. Mediterrani 4 – 9
6. Sant Andreu 4 – 7
7. Catalunya 4 – 3
8. Navarra 4 – 3
9. Canarias 4 – 3
10. Sabadell 4 – 2
11. Real Canoe 4 – 1
12. Concepcion 4 – 0

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