Aussie Shark Joe Kayes: ‘Needed to be more physical and swim them more’

Joe Kayes (10). Photo: Sandor Stuber /

Australia was in the water for the final game on day 1 of the Olympic water polo tournament where a narrow defeat to host nation Brazil was suffered. A dissapointing start to the tournament for the ambitious Aussie Sharks.

Post-game centre forward Joe Kayes put the loss in perspective: “No problem. Basically we knew it would be hard and we feel like they played well and we couldn’t quite match the occasion. A few calls from the refs were a bit dodgy but we only blame ourselves because we knew what we were up against. We needed to be more physical and aggressive and swim them more. Our shot choices and assertiveness wasn’t quite as accurate as we would have liked but we are all feeling good and we will bring everything out to the next game and we are very confident we will beat Hungary and keep our dream alive”.

As mentioned the Sharks will meet Hungary in game 2 of their tournament, on Monday at 13.00 hrs (local time).

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