Alumni Water Polo overpowers Olympic Club and NYAC for Senior Nationals title

Alumni Water Polo

The Legends Aquatic Center in Berkeley, CA hosted the last contest within the summer agenda of the 2017 Men’s National League. On August 5-6, nine water polo teams played 18 games in total.
The participating teams were divided into three groups and those from the same group faced each other during the first day of the competition. Sunday saw the face-offs between the teams which finished the group stage in the same position.

The most successful was the Alumni water polo club which triumphed in all four games at the Senior Nationals in Berkeley and won the tournament title. Their player Chay Lapin was proclaimed the tournament MVP.

The new champion shined on day one of the contest by defeating both Newport (11:5) and Golden Bear (9:4) and hence emerged as the Group C winner.
Alumni continued with their perfect performance and on Sunday triumphed over group leaders New York Athletic Club ‘A’ (12:8) and Olympic Club (11:4).
Alumni squad was led by Nikola Bicari who scored 11 goals in total, while Nikola Vavic and Spencer Hamby netted 10.

Two water polo teams collected three wins in Berkeley – NYAC ‘A’ and Stanford, while three squads were successful in half of the games.
NYAC ‘A’ lost only to Alumni. It topped the Group A by beating Santa Barbara (15:3) and Long Beach (17:5), whereas on Sunday it won the game against Olympic Club (11:10).
Prior to losing to Alumni and NYAC on Sunday, Olympic Club was the Group B winner due to overpowering NY AC B team (13:10) and Stanford (8:7) on Sunday. Stanford grads Peter Sefton and Sage Wright played for the Olympic Club together with Paul Rudolph, a Sacred Heart Prep grad.

Olympic Club was faultless against its group rivals and lost both games on Sunday. Golden Bear team won one game on each day of the competition, while NYAC ‘B’ finished the group stage as winless, but then excelled a day later.

The narrow result against OC marked the only failure of Stanford water polo players who finished fourth in the nationals, out of nine teams. They recorded a convincing victory over NYAC ‘B’ (17:8) on Saturday which secured them the 2nd place in the group. Stanford’s Cody Smith excelled with three goals, while Jackson Kimbell, Reid Chase, Connor Stapleton, Blake Parrish and Williams each put in two. On the second day of the contest, Cardinal was impeccable against Golden Bear team (10:6) thanks to Parrish’s three goals, followed by Chase and Harrison Enright who each scored two. Bennett Williams netted three goals leading his squad toward the win over Long Beach (13:5).

Golden Bear players defeated its group opponent Newport (8:6) and the 2nd ranked team from Group A, Long Beach (11:8). After losing from both of its group rivals, NYAC ‘B’ team emerged as the winner of the close encounters on Sunday. It came out with narrow wins over Newport (10:9) and Santa Barbara (10:8). Long Beach and Newport recorded only one win, whereas Santa Barbara lost all four games in Berkeley.


Saturday, August 5

NYAC 15:3 Santa Barbara
Olympic Club 13:10 NYAC ‘B’
Golden Bear 8:6 Newport
Long Beach 10:9 Santa Barbara
Stanford 17:8 NYAC ‘B’
Alumni 11:5 Newport
NYAC 17:5 Long Beach
Olympic Club 8:7 Stanford
Golden Bear 4:9 Alumni

Sunday, August 6

NYAC 8:12 Alumni
Long Beach 8:11 Golden Bear
Santa Barbara 6:9 Newport
Olympic Club 4:11 Alumni
Stanford 10:6 Golden Bear
NYAC ‘B’ 10:9 Newport
NYAC 11:10 Olympic Club
Long Beach 5:13 Stanford
Santa Barbara 8:10 NYAC ‘B’

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