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2017 transfers summary: Many moves in Hungary, quietly in Recco

Photo: Máté Balogh - OSC

The new water polo season is approaching. All European clubs finished jobs on this summer’s transfer market. Some favourites for European trophies have brought many reinforcements, some weren’t busy on the transfer market. Let’s see what they did.

There were a lot of moves in Hungary. Szolnok, the champion of Europe, has brought two players from OSC: Batori and Zalnaki, while Milos Cuk has come from Eger. Cuk became the fourth Serbian player in Szolnok. He joined Zivko Gocic, the former captain of the national team of Serbia who has a Hungarian citizenship, Andrija Prlainovic and Milan Aleksic.

Eger, the vice-champion of Hungary, was reinforced by two Serbs Marko Avramovic (Ferencvaros) and Strahinja Rasovic (Barceloneta) and by a Greek Vlachopoulos (Posillipo)

Ferencvaros, the 2017 Europe cup winner, renovated its team, by bringing seven players. The most famous among them are Denes Varga (came from Szolnok) and Serb Slobodan Nikic, who played for OSC in the 2016/17 season.

Pro Recco: Filipovic replaces Ivovic

Filip Filipovic

Filip FIlipovic (Recco) Photo: Blagoje Mitrasinovic

A few experienced players left Pro Recco, but the club didn’t spend a lot of money for reinforcements, unlike previous seasons. The additions are Niccolo Gitto, who returned from Sport Management and Francesco Massaro, a young goalkeeper, who came from Chiavari. One big star left the club. Dusko Pijetlovic moved to Dynamo Moscow.

There is an important novelty in the team which will play in the national championship. Filip Filipovic won’t play only in the Champions league anymore.Now, he is among foreigners that will play in all competitions, along with Dusan Mandic and Sandro Sukno. Filipovic replaced Aleksandar Ivovic, who will compete only in the Champions league next season.

Jug: Two historic transfers

Jug, the best Croatian club, made a lot of changes. Six players left the club, among them are big star Felipe Perrone and Josip Vrlic (both Barceloneta). Two additions came right from Barceloneta: Viktor Rasovic and Luka Lozina. Rasovic will be the first Serb who will play for Jug. Another player makes a history in Jug. Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice (came from Possilippo) became the first Italian in the Croatian league.

Two members of the national team of Greece returned to Olympiacos from Italy: Alexandros Gounas (from Savona), and Georgios Dervisis (Possilipo). Besides them and Obradovic, Olympiacos brought Dimitrios Nikolaidis (PAOK), who was the best young player of the 2017 Greek championship. There were a lot of departures from Olympiacos. Montenegrin Mladjan Janovic went to Brescia, Albert Espanol will be the first European who will play in China (in Beijing or in Shanghai). Georgios Ntoskas ended his successful career…

2017 Summer transfers in top European clubs


Szolnok (Hungary) – 1st in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Milos Cuk (Eger), Bence Batori (OSC), Gergo Zalnaki (OSC).

Left: Denes Varga (Ferencvaros), Marton Vamos (Ferencvaros), Ugo Crousillat (Aix En Provance, France).

Jug (Croatia) – 2nd in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Luka Lozina (CNA Barceloneta, Spain), Viktor Rasovic (CNA Barceloneta), Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice (Posillipo, Italy).

Left: Felipe Perrone (CNA Barceloneta, Spain), Josip Vrlic (CNA Barceloneta, Spain), Toni Popadic (Mediterrani, Spain), Pavo Markovic (Mladost), Paulo Obradovic (Olympiacos, Greece), Jacop Mercep (he is studyng in the USA).

Pro Recco (Italy) – 3rd in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Nicolo Gitto (Sport Management), Francesco Massaro (Chiavari).

Left:Dusko Pijetlovic (Dynamo Moskow, Russia),Andrea Fondelli (Sport Management), Pietro Figloli (Sport Management), Edoardo di Somma (Sport Management), Massimo Dufour.

Eger (Hungary) – 4th in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Strahinja Rasovic (Barceloneta, Spain), Angelos Vlachopulos (Posillipo, Italy), Marko Avramovic (Ferencvaros).

Left: Milos Cuk (Szolnok), Boris Vapenski (Ortigia, Italy), Balazs Erdelyi (OSC).

Brescia (Italy) – 5th in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Mladjan Janovic (Olympiacos, Greece), Mario Giudi (Bogliasco), Nikola Vukcevic (Trieste).

Left: Christian Napolitano (Ortigia), Sava Randjelovic (OSC, Hungary), Nemanja Ubovic (OSC, Hungary).

Olympiacos – 6th in the 2017 Champions league

Arrived: Paulo Obradovic (Jug, Croatia), Alexandros Gounas (Savona, Italy), Giorgos Dervsis (Posillipo, Italy), Dimitrios Nikolaidis (PAOK).

Left: Georgios Ntoskas (retired), Mladjan Janovic (Brescia, Italy), Albert Espanol (China), Kyriakos Pontikeas (Vouliagmeni), Christodoulos Kolomvos (ENKA, Turkey)..

Ferencvaros – 2017 Euro Cup winner

Arrived: Denes Varga (Szolnok), Marton Vamos (Szolnok), Slobodan Nikic (OSC), Toni Nemet(OSC), Krisztian Manhercz (Szeged) Tamas Sedlmayer (Szeged), Nikola Jaksic (Partizan, Serbia).

Left: Balazs Nyeki (retired and became an assistant coach in the team) Gergo Katonas (Tatabanya), Marko Avramovic (Eger), Marko Cuk (Vojvodina, Serbia), Marthon Toth (OSC), Dory Farkas (Miskolc), Simon Vogel.

Other clubs

Sport Managment (Italy)

Arrived: Andrea Fondelli (Pro Recco), Pietro Figloli (Pro Recco), Edoardo di Somma (Pro Recco),Radomir Drasovic (Partizan, Serbia), Fabio Baraldi (Canottieri), Federico Paneral (Roma).

Left: Nicolo Gitto (Pro Recco), Marko Jelaca (Ortigia), Andrea Razzi (Florentia), Arnaldo Deserti.

OSC (Hungary)

Arrived: Balazs Erdely (Eger) Nemanja Ubovic (Brescia, Italy), Sava Randjelovic (Brescia, Italy), Marton Toth (Ferencvaros).
Left: Slobodan Nikic (Ferencvaros), Toni Nemet (Ferencvaros), Adam Nagy (Miskolc), Gergo Zalnaki (Szolnok), Bence Batori (Szolnok).

Dynamo Moskow (Russia)

Arrived: Dusko Pijetlovic (Pro Recco, Italy), Nikola Radjen (Oradea, Romania), Gavril Subotic (Possilipo, Italy).

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